Solving a rubik's cube,201000,$0.32 ,2,58

Solving a rubik's cube,201000,$0.32 ,2,58

Solving a Rubik's cube,201000,$0.32,2,58

Earlier this year, while putting together a video about the world’s fastest solvers of the Rubik’s Cube, I decided to devote some time to learning to solve the classic puzzle myself. Tyson Mao, a cofounder of the World Cube Association, came to WIRED’s offices and spent about an hour teaching me his go-to beginner’s method. Afterwards he told me that, with practice, I could probably get my average solve time down to under a minute and a half. Ninety seconds is not fast by speedcubing standards (the world’s fastest cubers average well below 10 seconds per solve), but Mao said it would be a respectable time for a dabbler such as myself.If you thought you could solve a rubik's cube by memorizing all its moves, it's not that simple, is it?



I began practicing the next day. My first time solving the cube on my own took me more than 20 minutes. Brutal. But I kept at it: For two weeks I spent at least 20 minutes a day scrambling my cube and solving it the way Mao had taught me. First I memorized a handful of algorithms (cuber lingo for defined sequences of moves known to advance a cube closer to its solved state). Then I practiced performing them faster and more precisely.In the time since we published the video about speedcubing, several viewers requested that WIRED create another video demonstrating the method I used when learning to solve the cube. So we made one! Above you’ll find a visual guide in which I walk you through the same solving method that Mao taught me. Below is a written tutorial that summarizes the points in the video, including the eight steps you’ll follow to solve the cube, an overview of cube notation, and descriptions of the algorithms you’ll need to memorize.


Look for white stickers on the top layer that face the sides. (If you find a white sticker on the top face of the cube, or on the bottom layer of the cube pointing outward, we’ll deal with it later.) Each white sticker should be on a corner piece with three stickers. Rotate the top face of the cube so that the sticker beside the white sticker that is also outward facing (i.e., not the sticker on the top) diagonally matches the center of the same color.Identify edge pieces on the top layer that do not have yellow stickers. (If it has a yellow sticker, it belongs on the top and not in the middle.) Once you find an edge without a yellow sticker, rotate the top face of the cube until the outward facing sticker on that edge piece is directly over the center piece of the same color. (Source: www.wired.com)


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