Solomons word obituary

Solomons word obituary

Solomons word

Be encouraged and inspired by these Solomon's words for the wise. Solomon was the King of Israel for 971 to 931BC. He is thought to be the wisest man who has ever lived. If you read 2 Chronicles 1, verses 7 to 12, you will find Solomon asking God for wisdom and knowledge rather than wealth or possessions. God grants Solomon the wisdom as you will see reflected in his wise words.

King Solomon’s Word Challenge is a casual PC game where the wise old king uses your help and skills with words to gather resources and build his legendary temple from the ground up. To gather resources, you play three separate mini games representing three vital resources: gold, wood, and stone. Each mini game challenges your mastery of Word Searches, Crosswords, and Letter Puzzles to fill in letters of various Bible verses and complete the Book of Promises with your completed puzzles.

Solomon was succeeded by his son Rehoboam, who continued the harsh policies of his father toward the northern tribes of Israel. The northern tribes seceded and made Jeroboam, an official of Solomon who had led a rebellion against him, king. According to Ethiopian tradition, their emperors were descended from Menilek I, who was the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Material evidence for Solomon’s reign, as for that of his father, is scant. Although some scholars claim to have discovered artifacts that corroborate the biblical account of his reign in the early 10th century bce, others claim that the archaeological record strongly suggests that the fortified cities and even the Temple of Jerusalem actually emerged more than a century later. In the latter view, the kingdom of Solomon was far from the vast empire that the biblical narrative describes.

Palestine was destined to be an important centre because of its strategic location for trade by land and sea. It alone connects Asia and Africa by land, and, along with Egypt, it is the only area with ports on the Atlantic-Mediterranean and Red Sea–Indian Ocean waterways. Solomon is said to have fulfilled the commercial destiny of Palestine and brought it to its greatest heights. The nature of his empire was predominantly commercial, and it served him and friendly rulers to increase trade by land and sea.

Tradition recognizes Solomon as an ambitious builder of public works. The demand for fortresses and garrison cities throughout his homeland and empire made it necessary for Solomon to embark on a vast building program, and the prosperity of the nation made such a program possible. He was especially lavish with his capital,

She was the heart and soul of our city. She did everything for our city, she once said when I'm not on stage, I am Linda Solomon next door. I would see Aretha Franklin at Kroger's. I went to the cashier and said,' Did you see Aretha in the produce aisles ?' She said,' She's always here.' She was down to earth, she was unassuming, she was wonderful to work

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