Snowbird Brown

Snowbird Brown

Snowbird Brown

It’s really difficult to make a living off of playing songs like “Proud Mary” and “Born to be Wild”. These songs require guitar playing, drumming, and singing skills that most people don’t have, so if you’re just an average joe, you have to do something else to make money.


As the show progressed, Bird became known for speaking her mind and holding her ground on important topics. Case in point: In Season 11, the Washington resident confronted her brother, Gabe Brown, about killing their farm animals for food. "I really don't think we need to," Snowbird said during a 2019 episode about protecting the family's roosters. "I raised them, you know? They come to me for food. And I can't kill something that I raised and that loves me." When Gabe defended slaughtering the roosters, Birdy instructed her brother to "look at all the faces you want to kill."

Fans might remember when in April 2017, matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with Stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer. The diagnosis was devastating for the Brown family, and each sibling coped with the bad news in their own way. As for Snowbird, she took on a supportive role for the clan, as Matt Brown praised her for during a heartfelt discussion featured on Alaskan Bush People. When Matt noted to Bird how her siblings look up to her because she's the oldest girl in the family, she replied, "It puts a lot of stress on me to always try and be the confident one, the 'it will be OK.'" She added, "Because it's like, I have emotions too. I just try and hide them." (Source: www.nickiswift.com)


The pretty snowbird is not only far from civilization and modern lifestyle, but she is also far from love affairs. The nature-loving girl is neither dating anyone nor married. The only thing we could say now is, she is only in love with nature. Although she is in the age of marriage she usually finds her busy in other activities like fishing, hunting, etc.

Matt Brown, her elder brother, and first-born brother learned fishing at an early age of four or five. Additionally, he was a regular fisherman and hunter and has grown up his whole life in the bush. Joshua, the second born also referred to as Bam Bam or Bam is often the specialist on the water. He grew up on board the fishing boat of the Brown family. (Source: factsbuddy.com)



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