Singing Microphone:

Singing Microphone:

Singing Microphone:

Singing Microphone

So, I really like this app. I can record everything I want to, and it’s exactly what I downloaded it for. The problem I’m having is the fact that I cannot delete any of my recordings anymore, or even click The three dots used to get there. I have tried lots of stuff, I’ve reloaded the app, which took some effort because I had to record the audio on my other devices, as to not lose my special recordings, but nothing has worked. But overall, the app is exactly what it says, and I’m giving only four stars, instead of five, only due to the fact that I cannot share or delete any of the recordings, among other things. (Source: 

Putting Your Voice in Front.

The ideal vocal microphone enhances the personality of your voice but stays true to it. It provides the power to reach, as well as the subtlety to touch, the audience. And while it has to pick up every emotional nuance the performer wants to convey, it must stubbornly ignore disturbing noises not meant to interfere with the sung or spoken word. Features that are integral to every vocal microphone by Sennheiser, making all the difference between volume and intensity. (Source: en-us.sennheiser.com)

What Makes a Mic Good for Vocals?

If you’re looking for a mic specifically for picking up the voice, it’s most important to look at the mic’s frequency response, the way the mic accounts for unwanted noise, and its polar pickup pattern. (Source: www.soundguys.com)

Rode Nt1 Speaking Sample:

If you’re looking for a heavy duty, high quality vocal mic with lots of features and uses, the Shure SM7B is a great option. It is an industry standard for broadcasting, but has also been used among singers, particularly for rock music. (Source: www.soundguys.com)

What Are the Best Karaoke Mics?

Whether you’re dedicated to honing your craft from your couch, a park bench, or even a car seat (assuming you’re not driving), some of the best karaoke mics combine portability and ease of use into one handheld device. Unlike larger karaoke machines, an all-in-one microphone doesn’t require a receiver or other special audio equipment, and they’re usually Bluetooth-enabled so you can pull up your karaoke playlist from your phone or tablet. (Source: www.rollingstone.com)


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