Sharina Hudson Net Worth

Sharina Hudson Net Worth

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Kevin Hunter is an American television producer who is married to talk show host Wendy Williams. Kevin is best known for being the husband of Wendy Williams. He is also known for producing her talk show and co-executive producing her show. He has also co-produced other popular talk shows like "The Talk", "Ellen", "The Wendy Williams Show", "Dr. Phil", "Hollywood Today", etc.


Kevin Hunter net worth and salary: Kevin Hunter is an American television executive who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Kevin Hunter is famous for being the husband of talk show host and television personality Wendy Williams. Kevin rose to widespread recognition as the co-executive producer of her popular talk show, "The Wendy Williams Show". The two met in 1994 at a skating rink. They welcomed a son together in 2000. As host of the program, she is known for being quite outspoken and for putting her guests on the spot regarding their personal lives. It is reported that behind the scenes Kevin can be quite controlling. He reportedly calls all the shots including screening all questions, limiting her contact with staff and fans, and going through her mail, gifts, and scripts so that he can choose which items go to her. He has been caught cheating in the past, though she publicly forgave him, and he was also accused of propositioning one of her employees. He was also allegedly abusive to Wendy at times.

Actually, Kevin Hunter first came to know Wendy Williams when she was working at a Philadelphia radio station called WUSL or Power99FM. There, Kevin Hunter became her agent. After that, Wendy Williams would have more and more success. It came as no surprise that in 2000, Wendy would have her own daytime talk show called The Wendy Williams Show. The pair were actually married in 1997. Before marrying Kevin, Wendy was first married to Robert Morris III, but she was very happy with her second marriage with Kevin as they supported each other’s careers. However, after almost 22 years of marriage, Wendy found out that Kevin cheated several times, thus leading her to file for a divorce in 2020. (Source: veryceleb.com)


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