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Shaddai "Shadman" Prejean was recently arrested for assaulting someone with a 'deadly weapon'. According to some tweets put out on November 12, the Swiss YouTuber (also known as Shadbase) was arrested near Glendale, Los Angeles.

Shadman specialized in drawing s**ually explicit content with his graphic tablet, including p***ographic illustrations and digital comics. He primarily worked on Loli (aka Lolicon, based on Japanese anime and manga, these feature a childlike female character drawn within inappropriate scenarios) artworks.

Lolis are borderline illegal, depending on their illustration. They fall in the gray area where they can often be classified as 'child p**n'. Shadman has become a controversial figure on YouTube and other social media platforms because of the risque nature of his artwork.

During the 2016 election campaign, Shadman was reportedly requested by a social media follower to draw YouTuber Keemstar's underage daughter inappropriately with former US President Trump. Following this, Keemstar allegedly threatened to call authorities.

Like in many households in Bangladesh, cricket was the topic of discussion at Shadman Islam's dinner table too. More so because his father Shahidul Islam has been one of BCB's most prominent age-group scouts for many years. It filled Shahidul with pride when Shadman made his Test debut against West Indies in November 2018. (Source: www.espncricinfo.com)While several people criticized Shadman's artwork over the years, few have defended his work. (Source:ww.sportskeeda.com)))

Growing up in a sporting household meant Shadman got into cricket early. He went through the paces at the age-group levels before becoming a regular member of the Bangladesh Under-19 side. He had a stellar Under-19 World Cup in 2014, finishing as the tournament's top run-getter with 406 runs at 101.50 with a century and two fifties. The batsmen who trailed in his wake - but made their international debuts before him - included Imam-ul-Haq, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran, Ben Duckett, Sadeera Samarawickrama and Liton Das. (Source: www.espncricinfo.com Shadman is a left-handed opening batsman who has been scoring plenty of runs in Bangladesh's domestic tournaments, particularly in the first-class competitions. His Test call-up came when he led the National Cricket League scoring charts with 648 runs at 64.80 in the 2018-19 season. (Source:www.espncricinfo.com))

Shadman's maiden Test century in Bangladesh's second innings helped them get into a winning position against Zimbabwe in Harare (Source: www.espncricinfo.com

The online artist known as Shadman has posted on Twitter for the first time since internet users speculated that he had been arrested in Los Angeles. (Source: www.insider.com)Shadman is known online for sexually explicit art that frequently features animated characters. (Source:www.insider.com))

On Thursday, Shadman posted on Twitter for the first time since Prejean's arrest. Prior to the Thursday tweets, his most recent post had been on October 22. (Source: www.insider.com The speculation followed the release of documents pertaining to the arrest of Shaddai Prejean, a name that's been linked to Shadman for at least five years online and is listed as his name on Know Your Meme and Shadman's IMDb page. (Source:www.insider.com w"No time to explain, dont worry bout me, am better than you have and always will be, am pro, See ya dont wanna be ya," Shadman wrote in the caption of a tweet accompanied by several images of art and memorabilia. (Source:ww.insider.com wwShadman is an artist known for his sexually explicit art, which he posts on his website Shadbase. (Source:w.insider.com))))

The public defender listed in court documents as Prejean's counsel and a Facebook page associated with Shadman did not respond to multiple requests for comment. (Source: www.insider.com According to Know Your Meme, Shadman began to post on Newgrounds in July 2009, launching his own website in October of that year. His YouTube channel, which has 321,000 subscribers, launched in March 2010. He has a significant following on other social media platforms as well, with over 727,000 followers on Twitter and 390,000 followers on the Shadbase Facebook page. (Source:www.insider.com))

www.invenglobal.com www.invenglobal.com))Shadman is a YouTuber who is known for always wearing a mask and creating sexually explicit versions of popular cartoon characters. He has drawn fire in the past for some of his more inappropriate comics that emulated the loli art style and he continues to be one of the most notorious web-comic artists on tControversial YouTuber and NSFW comic artist Shaddai "Shadman" Prejean was reportedly arrested in October in California on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, according to court documents filed on Oct. 28th. The documents were first reported on by Twitter user Kiwi Farms. (Source:he internet. (Source:

The term Shadman refers to the pornographic and explicit webcomics of Swedish artist Shaddai Prejean, who goes by the online handle Shadbase. (Source: www.dictionary.com)

Starting around 2009, his artwork gained notoriety for its shock value on the websites Newgrounds and 4chan. Over time, pockets of users, especially on 4chan, began objecting to the extreme and often grotesque images created by Shadbase. Shadman became a nickname for the artist and is used in online forums as a disgusted reaction when users variously encounter his work, i.e., “Ugh, Shadman!” (Source: www.dictionary.com The Shadman meme is used as a reaction to the shocking nature of his artwork. (Source:www.dictionary.com))

it'd be really funny if shadman worked his way into becoming a political cartoonist and became the next ben garrison (Source: www.dictionary.com)



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