He is intensely loyal to his friends, but is intensely feared by most people.


As Kirinmaru complied and scattered the seven Rainbow Pearls throughout the lands and Zero left enraged and disowned Kirinmaru as her younger brother, Sesshōmaru went after her and told Kirinmaru to fight the Half-Demon Princesses as a trial of courage and cowardice. After Kirinmaru won the battle and left Setsuna either badly injured or already expired and Towa pummeled, Sesshōmaru arrived before his oldest daughter's eyes and offered her the Tenseiga and told her despite being broken, she can use her demon energy to create a demon blade to revive Setsuna. Sesshōmaru stayed to guide Towa to use Tenseiga. After Towa collapsed from overexerting herself, Sesshōmaru caught her and laid her down and called out to Setsuna, who woke up and used the Yukari no Tachikiri Tōtōsai forged to destroy the demons that was surrounding them. Sesshōmaru then handed the broken Tenseiga to Tōtōsai for repairs and left. As Sesshōmaru left, Tōtōsai noted Sesshōmaru had become more tolerant in the years since he last saw him. As Sesshōmaru and Jaken visit the comatose Rin, and the Yume no Kochō resumes in filling his teenage wife with the dreams and sleep of Setsuna, he realized that their younger twin daughter and the other two are heading to where Bokusenō lives. When asked by his longtime devoted retainer Jaken as to whether Setsuna will be capable of fully mastering the Yukari no Takichiri, Sesshomaru simply states that not even he knows if she will, and again takes his leave out of the inner depths of the Sacred Tree of Ages.

Sesshomaru had a deep admiration for his father's power and respected him, considering him the strongest demon in existence. However, due to Sesshomaru's desire for supreme power and conquest over all and disregard for humans sharply contrasting to Toga's humble and good heart and compassion for humanity, their relationship was strained, Toga being exasperated by his son's single-minded desire for power and rulership and ruthlessness and Sesshomaru disdainful of his father's love for Izayoi and Inuyasha. In their last meeting before Toga gave his life to save Inuyasha and Izayoi, Sesshomaru expressed some concern over his father's wounds from fighting Ryukotsusei by questioning him if he seriously wanted to go without healing his wounds but knowing he couldn't stop his father, instead asked for Tessaiga and Sounga and Toga refused to give him and even indicated he would overcome Sesshomaru if he tried to take it by force. Sesshomaru said nothing, indicating he was hoping that his father would give what he deemed to be his birthright willingly. The final exchange of words between father and son was Toga asking whether his son had anything to protect, clearly showing he was asking if there was anything other than his desire for power that Sesshomaru held dear, and Sesshomaru's flat scorn sealed Toga's decision to pass on the Tenseiga to him instead of the Tessaiga, though perhaps as he had placed a barrier that not even Sesshomaru could breach this was actually to protect him from the harm it would take to wield the sword, but primarily he did this along with many other things in order to teach Sesshomaru the importance of compassion and humbleness. (Source: hero.fandom.com)

Sesshomaru was extremely angry and resentful that all he was left with was a healing sword that was useless in terms of combat power but as the series progressed, he started to show a more jealous and emotional side, revealing that he believed Toga favored Inuyasha over him and he hated Inuyasha because Toga died to save him and Izayoi, seeming to show that despite his aloof demeanor when they met for the last time, Sesshomaru actually did feel some guilt that he didn't stop his father and let him die what he believed to be a miserable death and took it out on Inuyasha in order to spare himself the blame, suggesting despite his claims of wishing to defeat his father and prove his supreme power, he truly did want his father's approval. It may be that Sesshomaru wanted to prove his father's choice wrong by killing Inuyasha out of bitter spite. However, despite this, he never lost his admiration and deep down attachment to his father, punching Inuyasha for fighting in his grave and stated he wouldn't miss Tenseiga had it not been his father who left it to him, suggesting despite not getting his wish of being bestowed the Tessaiga, Sesshomaru did in fact value the healing sword, if only as a sentimental value to remind him of his father. When met by his father's spirit, Sesshomaru for the first time showed genuine awe and respect and as his father praised both him and Inuyasha for their success in sealing away Sounga, he looked on somberly as his father's spirit vanished, seemingly touched by the fact that his father had finally praised him. When it was revealed his father had made it so that Tenseiga could be forged into a weapon with the deadly technique of Meido Zangetsuha, Sesshomaru's views of his father seemed to have taken a turn for the better as he clearly felt closure that his father did in fact acknowledge he was worthy, but alas this newfound closure soon vanished when he learned that Meido Zangetsuha was meant to be Inuyasha's and that his father seemingly never intended for him to reach his full potential, enraging and reopening the old wounds of jealousy and betrayal even further than it had ever been opened. Nevertheless, Sesshomaru continued to have deep respect for his father and willingly relinquished the technique to Inuyasha, though only when he proved himself worthy. (Source: hero.fandom.com)


Rin (ã‚Šã‚“, Rin) is a barefoot orphan girl. She finds Sesshomaru in the woods beneath a huge tree and tends to his injuries. After witnessing some bandits brutally murder her family, Rin became mute from the state of shock. During the time Rin is caring for the wounded Sesshomaru, she is killed by wolves during the wolf demons' raid of her village. Sesshomaru finds Rin's lifeless body and, uncharacteristically revives her using Tenseiga. After this, Rin starts to speak and remains in company with Sesshomaru, Jaken, and A-Un.

)The Dog General (犬の大將, Inu no Taisho) Tōga was an extremely powerful yōkai lord who ruled the Western Lands, and was known throughout Japan. Never formally addressed with a name, he fathered two sons by two different mothers: Sesshomaru from his consort, a dog demoness, and Inuyasha from a human woman named Izayoi. 



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