Sell Digital Comics: Platform to Shop or Sell

Sell Digital Comics: Platform to Shop or Sell


Sell Digital Comics


While comics are not as mainstream as other arts, they are often becoming more popular. Many people are turning to digital comics after getting tired of waiting in long lines. For their local comic bookstore to restock their favorite graphic novels. E-books are becoming more accessible, leaving more space for digital comics. This is due to the benefits like instant access, the ability to share the story with friends or offline. And keeping up to date with advancements in graphic novels thanks to e-books.

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Digital Store

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Social media marketing is an essential marketing technique of today’s digital marketing. One of the fastest ways to get your message out there, and to get much attention fast. Is to use your social networking activity to push content. If you want to be successful, make sure you ensure you’re following the correct social media accounts.

If you want to venture into the world of selling your art online the first step needs to be - to create some awesome webcomics! Apart from just publishing your work in print media. The online world is a great way to let your art reach places it cannot reach in the offline world. When you sell you are online people can buy it and use it with your permission. Selling webcomics online gives your art and talent a much wider reach. (Source: www.e-junkie.com)

Need Work?

Need to make space for your comic artists, your illustrators, your science-fiction authors, your book-lovers. Or your poets to share their work with the world? You can sell their work easily, without hindering their freedom to post elsewhere.

While most formats like JPEGs PDFs and PNGs work well for webcomics. There is a factor of ease that comes along with using JPEGs for webcomics. This is because not only are JPEG file sizes smaller than their PNG counterparts, but they are also very easy to edit over Photoshop. The size criterion is absolutely essential if you need to sell your webcomic online. Because it makes uploading the webcomic on an e-commerce website easy and quick. But apart from these formats, there are some specific ones that make viewing webcomics convenient. (Source: www.e-junkie.com)

Hustle Digital Comics

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Comic Book Website

If you've created a comic book, why not try selling it? It's not easy, but it can be profitable. There is a lot of work involved, so it's important you do your research before launching your comic book online. You don't have to be the next Rob Liefeld. With that said, there are plenty of people just like you who are able to succeed.

“Taking the time to make sure that the comic is developed correctly and eliminating as many issues as possible. Not only will speed up the process but will also give you a better chance of standing out in the store,” Roberts says. (Source: www.publishersweekly.com)

Save Time - Buy Smart

WordPress Bonus A part of our comic book website design is a customizable backend that can be used to hustle digital comics. You can integrate this 'comic book backend' with a WordPress website with a few simple configurations. We'll also help you get it up and running with a few clicks of a button!

Retailers with websites will be able to sell both new digital comics and digital back issues from those sites as well. (Source: www.diamondcomics.com)

Comic Book Site

Digital comics sales are reaching an all-time high, why not try selling your own digital comics? Starting an online business that sells digital comics has never been easier. All you need is a user-friendly website, an ethical business, and some of your favorite comics for your perfect digital comics store.

You can also log on at any time and develop codes on the fly for both new and back issue/backlist digital comics and graphic novels. (Source: www.diamondcomics.com)

New Comic Book Sale

If you want to sell your comic books and comics website and also give up the icky aspects of digital marketing. Think about investing in a digital comic book store. Demand is high and the money is right now. Get in now and grow with the industry--for life!

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Marvel Comics Sale

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A New Comic Book Sale is happening right now on Marvel Comics. Marvel is part of the Disney family of companies. Before hustling on your new online site, which you should be doing if this is your strategy, know who your audience is. Knowing who your audience is is imperative. Marvel Comics is a mainstream superhero comic book for boys, so if you are selling comics based on Marvel Comics. You are selling them to adults rather than kids.

Graphicly changed its business strategy during the last year and started to focus exclusively on self-publishing for comic book artists. Originally formed in 2009, the company needs to be the iTunes for Comics. But this was before Comixology came onto the scene and gained exclusive contracts with Marvel and DC Comics. (Source: goodereader.com)


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