Seattle to los angeles

Seattle to los angeles

Seattle to los angeles

Los Angeles is the capital of the US state of California. Its main population and commercial center is situated on the West Coast of the United States, approximately 120 miles (190 km) southwest of San Francisco. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the US and third largest city overall in the Americas.When I moved to California, I was surprised to see that the only things people knew about the West Coast and the East Coast were Hollywood movies and songs about a girl living in California with the sun on her face and the waves crashing on the shore. I think that this lack of understanding about the two coasts is a result of the mythologization of these two cities.


Pros: "Being in the service industry I completely understand how important customer service is! Alaskan airlines have asked their staff to use the customers name as much as possible. It was great to see that when I was borning my name was used. This was not an ordinary monotone thank you that every single person gets. The “ Have a nice flight and Thank you for flying with us”, was cheerful and upbeat and I was greeted with a smile. During my flight the customers names were used as they were asking to take orders as well as passing out food as though you were known person to them. I am not a regular flyer, I did not use my credit card, the fact that they used my name means Alaskan has a trick to the trade that others don’t.. I am not a regular flyer, I did not use my credit card, my flight attendants knew my name. What an amazing experience."

Pros: "Our flight out of Seattle was delayed 5 hours and we missed our connection at LAX. When this came clear to us sitting on the tarmac, we called to be placed on next flight leaving at pm. We were told that at the time there was 10 seats available, BUT it could not be done over the phone. We had to wait until we reached LAX. When arriving COPA had no one attending their counters. Again I was told on the phone to wait until 6pm to rebook at counter. Come 6pm at the counter, no seats was available. Copa airlines would not talk to us and tried to turf it on Alaska. But Copa owned the ticket. Alaska would not help either when we arrived to LAX. It is now 9pm and I am on the phone with an Alaska agent who is wonderful and helping us getting to Panama to celebrate our father and father in law." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Los Angeles is served by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Long Beach Airport (LGB) and Bob Hope Airport (BUR), also known as Hollywood Burbank Airport. Seattle is served by Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA.) The cheapest direct flights between Seattle and Los Angeles fly the SEA to LAX route, and you're unlikely to save any money by choosing a flight with stops.On average, daily high temperatures in Los Angeles are only about 8 degrees warmer than in Seattle during the summer, but about 22 degrees warmer than Seattle during the winter, when the Emerald City also gets a good deal more precipitation. So if Seattle's inclement winter weather gets you down, the Big Orange is a nice respite. New visitors to Seattle are often surprised by how small the city is, while visitors to LA can't get over its vastness. While both cities revere personal freedom and welcome visitors from across the globe, Seattle can't match LA's diversity. The City of Angels is a potpourri of human civilization, with countless restaurants, art galleries, neighborhoods, shops and attractions celebrating the world's disparate cultures.Save money and time using our smart search engine to find the cheapest flights from Seattle to LA, including dozens of non-stop flights at low prices.

Los Angeles attracts thousands of visitors every year for both business and pleasure. Whether you’re taking a last-minute break or a much needed getaway, flights from Seattle to Los Angeles on Trip.com can help you get there with ease. With Trip.com, you can browse popular airlines with flights to Los Angeles, check the best season to visit, and preview Los Angeles attractions before you arrive. With flight deals and exciting attractions waiting for you to explore in Los Angeles, the best time to book flights from Seattle to Los Angeles is now! Planning a trip from Seattle to Los Angeles is easy when you use Trip.com to help you make travel arrangements. Whether you are flying one-way, non-stop, or round-trip, you will find just the flight you need with us. If you want to lock in a great deal for your flights, go for a round-trip flight, if you need flexibility with your itinerary, book a one-way flight to Los Angeles. With Trip.com, you can search for available flights and hotel rooms, and then make your booking quickly and easily online and on the go. Pack your travel accessories, make a must-see bucket list, and book your flight to Los Angeles on Trip.com today! (Source: www.trip.com)




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