Seattle to atlanta

Seattle to atlanta

Seattle to atlanta

Travelers need to find many different routes on their journey, not just one. For those who wish to make their time in the south a pleasant one, the sights and sounds of Atlanta are splendid.

What’s the Cheapest Day of the Week to Fly From Seattle to Atlanta?

If you are looking for a flight deal from Seattle to Atlanta, look for departures on Mondays and avoid leaving on a Friday, as it's usually the priciest day. When flying back from Atlanta, Saturday is the cheapest day to fly and Monday is the most expensive.

What Airlines Fly Directly From Seattle to Atlanta?

Due to the high demand for this flight, there are many airlines to choose from to take you from Seattle to Atlanta. These airlines are JetBlue, American Airlines, United, Delta, Alaska, and Frontier. Although there are many to choose from, it is natural to also think there are direct flights, which there are. Some of the airlines that will fly directly are Delta and Alaska, any other airlines will require you to stop at least once. With Delta and Alaska, some of the available times range from 6:15 AM to 10:20 PM. For indirect flights, some of the times that are available to choose from are in the mornings at 5:30 AM to evenings at 10:45 PM. There are many times throughout the day that you may fly. In terms of duration of the flight(s) themselves, this can range from 4h 30min for direct flights, to 11h 45min for flights with a layover. You must consider the layovers, the flight time, and the airlines when choosing a flight.

What Are the Layover Options Between Seattle and Atlanta?

There are many layover options between Seattle and Atlanta as there are many flights available. Some of the places you may have a layover are Boston Logan International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, O’Hare International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Miami International, or Denver International. It should be made clear that the airline you take will coincide with the place that you will have a layover. For example, if you are flying with JetBlue, you will be required to stop in Boston; if you are flying with Frontier, you will be stopping in Denver; and if you are flying with American Airlines, then the stop will be in Miami. When taking a flight with a layover, be prepared for a journey time of at least 6h 45min, but not more than 11h 15min. It is important to prepare beforehand for a layover as some options for stopping in a certain location may be more convenient than other options. Choosing whether to take a direct or an indirect flight requires some consideration into the flight times, the layovers, the price, and the airline.

Do I Need a Passport or Visa to Fly From Seattle to Atlanta?

Because this flight is domestic and not international, you will not need a visa to fly from Seattle to Atlanta. However, you may require a passport as it may be needed to get through security. Be sure that the passport has been valid for at least six months prior to departure. As for luggage, for most airlines, you will not be allowed a complimentary check-in bag, but you will be allowed a free carry-on.



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