Scott Andrew Yang

Scott Andrew Yang

Scott Andrew Yang

Scott Andrew Yang

Scott is the co-founder and Content Strategist of Siteleaf. When not writing, he spends his free time shooting, playing guitar, and cooking whatever his mother’s been cooking up in the kitchen.


After graduating from law school, Yang began his career as a corporate attorney at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City. Yang later described the job as "a pie-eating contest, and if you won, your prize was more pie". He left the law firm after five months, which he has called "the five worst months of my life."

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's counselor Howard Wolfson suggested that Yang "would make a very interesting candidate" for mayor of New York City; Yang said, "it's incredibly flattering to be thought of in that role.... We haven't ruled anything out at this point. I will say I'm more attracted to executive roles than legislative ones because I think you can get more done." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The Forward Party will purportedly endorse candidates from either party in the 2022 midterms, as long as they support these principles. Yang says the party is not interested in running a candidate for president, but is focused on trying to decrease partisan gridlock in Congress and state legislatures. The party's website says it may hold its own primary for the 2024 presidential election if the right demand for a third-party candidate arises.

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Candidate Statement: David has been a practicing lawyer for 20 years, significantly longer than any other candidates in his race. He has a wide array of experience in the courtroom, being one of the only candidates to have litigated criminal, civil, and family law matters in the Los Angeles Superior Court. David is a State Bar Certified, Criminal Law Specialist and honorably and humbly served as the Chairperson of the Burbank Police Commission. He has served as a Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court and is currently a University Professor teaching Courts and Criminal Law

After graduating from law school and business school, Steve commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Army JAG Corps. He currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel and his service includes two tours in Iraq. Steve joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in 2012, where he has prosecuted murders, child molesters, domestic violence and other violent crimes as well as complex white-collar crimes in courthouses throughout the county. In his race for Judge, Steve is endorsed by more than 30 current Superior Court Judges, SEIU 721, and several other unions, civic leaders and elected officials. (Source:




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