Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

Receive notifications from the North Pole via livestream through iPhones, iPads, Android devices and smart TVs.



It's worth exploring Santa's Village throughout December so you can play new games everyday and listen to Christmas songs. However, if you visit the site on Christmas Eve, you'll immediately see a countdown that's superimposed over animated artwork depicting the Earth orbited by satellites. And, of course, mounted at the very top is the North Pole, home of Santa and his little helpers.

Instead of reaching the Santa standing by at the Sears Toyland, the children of Colorado Springs had instead connected with one of America’s most sensitive military installations. “[Shoup] called AT&T and said to give Sears that phone number and get him a new one, but in the meantime he had to have servicemen answer the calls,” says Van Keuren. (Source: www.history.com)


When Christmas Eve arrives, Alexa will track Santa on his journey as he delivers gifts to all the children across the world. You can launch the Santa Tracker throughout the day on Christmas Eve and Alexa will tell you exactly where Santa is on his journey around the globe and when he will arrive to deliver gifts to your home.NORAD's website looks slightly more dated and not as bright and vibrant or modern as Google's. We enjoy that there are cute animations on the homepage, but everything looks a bit cluttered at the same time. The highlight of the site is probably the music player at the bottom. We also like the Let's Go button placed over the Earth at the top, which brings you directly to Santa's Village.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command might usually be busy defending the continent, but they have an additional special task in December: tracking Santa. NORAD just launched its new website, mobile apps, and video streaming where you and your kids have access to a Santa cam. It all started in 1955 when a child accidentally dialed NORAD to ask about Santa Claus, and they’ve been on Santa duty ever since. On Christmas Eve, you can even call or text 1-877-HI-NORAD to get Santa’s exact location. (Source: www.fatherly.com)



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