San diego vs los angeles

San diego vs los angeles

San diego vs los angeles

Los Angeles is a beautiful city, with a reputation for decadence and debauchery. San Diego is a city more familiar with surfing and sunsets, serving as the hub of beach and outdoor culture. And, at the same time, San Diego has a greater sense of community, identity and values as well.


We think of Los Angeles as America’s Greatest Traffic Jam, and you should not be a part of it. We admit that there is an opportunity to be found in Los Angeles, but you can say the same about San Diego. Our job market is excellent, and there is no indication that employment prospects will go down. We believe that when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, evaluating property cost, quality of life, and other intangibles, it is difficult to pass over San Diego for Los Angeles. We are a large and livable community that you will be proud to call your hometown. San Diego has everything you need, and the price in many cases is substantially lower than what you will find in Los Angeles.

In comparison with San Diego, Los Angeles is incredibly hard to navigate. Los Angeles has massive urban sprawl with hundreds of unincorporated areas, cities, and towns within Greater Los Angeles. Just getting from one part of the city to another can be a one to three hour experience, especially once LA’s infamous traffic becomes a factor. If you live in Northeast Los Angeles, for example, going to the beach becomes a long day trip. The physical distance from one side of LA to the other is already a lot but miles become meaningless in traffic. (Source: republicmoving.com)


Bill Lovejoy is the president of Republic Moving and Storage. Purchasing the assets of Republic Relocations in May 2008. In 2008, Republic did $700K of business and today is over $15 Million. Republic was named AMSA’s 2010 Agent of the Year for Service Excellence after only two years in business. Bill is proud that he grew up doing every facet of the business from a local mover, over the road driver, salesperson, operations manager, and general manager. (and just about everything else in between) Before purchasing Republic, Bill was with Bekins Moving and Storage where he served as a Senior Vice President and was a partner. He was responsible for three HHG companies as well as two logistics companies. A proud Father of six children, and a lovely wife, Carol, Bill constantly works to keep a balance between work and family Life. Bills “stress relieving” hobbies include racket ball, basketball, tennis, and golf.

The most prominent attractions in San Diego are the award winning San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. When it comes to wild animals and sea life, most of us are enamored by animal life – what they eat, what they do, where they sleep, etc. Featuring thousands of animals one will be entertained all day. Don’t cut your time short; make sure to spend the day at the zoo. Day passes begin at $50 for adults and $40 for children. Specialty tours are also available for an additional price. (Source: vacationidea.com)


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