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Salt Bae

No matter the quality of the food, you are not going to a Salt Bae restaurant just to eat. You are going to be seen, take selfies, and tell the world that you’re eating at the kind of establishment that attracts the sexiest of sexy people. You go to experience what happens when normal food is made classy. That’s what Florida man Duane Miranda expected when he visited the Miami location of Mr. Bae’s Nusr-Et steakhouse in late 2019. What he didn’t expect was that all that classiness would land him a surprise four-figure bill and a brush with the police.


Seven short days after Salt Bae opened his first Boston steakhouse in September 2020, the Boston Licensing Board and Inspectional Services Department shut it down for multiple health and safety violations. Most were nothing extraordinary: there were equipment issues, like dishwashers missing thermometers; paperwork snafus, like a missing health permit; and no printed proof of a full-time, on-site food protection manager. But some of the charges were more concerning, like blocked fire exits and a flagrant disregard of Boston’s COVID-19 safety guidelines during a peak month of the pandemic.

After the closure of Nusr-Et Boston, a lawyer representing Mr. Gökçe (aka Bae) issued profuse apologies for the whole ordeal. He implied that the restaurant had violated social distancing guidelines not due to carelessness, but because Salt Bae is so damn popular that the good people of Boston could not bring themselves to stay away. As defenses go, it’s worth a try, right? Read more about Salt Bae’s adventures in Beantown here.

Following the brouhaha in Boston, Salt Bae brought the Nusr-Et steakhouse experience to Dallas and Beverly Hills in early 2021, celebrating their respective grand openings by ignoring seemingly every single COVID-19 regulation on the books. In Dallas, thousands of maskless diners were seen partying in close quarters with the Big Bae himself, but their tables were spaced six feet apart, so points for trying.Things were a little tamer in the 90210, because unlike Dallas and Boston, where thousands of hungry fans swarmed Mr. Bae like moths to a flame, the denizens of Beverly Hills evidently are not all that impressed by Salt Bae or his meat. Still, even with a smaller crowd, Mr. Bae went out of his way to flout all sorts of Los Angeles County public health protocols, because danger is his middle name. Click to read more about Salt Bae doing Dallas and going Hollywood. (Source: thetakeout.com)


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