rubber chicken

rubber chicken

rubber chicken

rubber chicken


Rubber chicken is the name given to an anthropomorphic rubber chicken which is a toy that has captured the imaginations of children around the world. There are many variations of rubber chicken. But the best-selling toys are, a six-piece set including three chicken eggs, a bottle of ketchup, a box of corn flakes, a waffle iron, and some plastic utensils. The toy is designed to promote creativity, self-expression and social play.

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Rubber chicken is a toy that improves and simulates hand-to-mouth behavior for infants. The teething process serves as a substitute and a reminder of bibs and feeders. Rubbies are made of a soft, supple material that is easy to chew and latching. It is often slept with as they mimic the feeling of having a human in their arms.

A rubber chicken is a prop used in comedy. The phrase is also used as a description for food served at speeches, conventions, and other large meetings, and as a metaphor for speechmaking. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The origin of the rubber chicken is obscure but it is possibly based on the use of inflated pig bladders. It is attached to sticks which is used as props or mock weapons. Chicken corpses were readily available; therefore jesters could employ them as variations of slapsticks. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


You're always told to find the perfect balance between realism and the degree that you should be able to reasonably position an object when you're crafting a model. If the rubber chicken has a sense of realism to it, then it would have an astonishing unsteadiness. This unpredictability is what makes rubber chickens so much fun to play with and use when you're trying to entice a child to go to sleep. Learning how to build rubber chickens is a fun activity for both you and your child.


















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