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Rooms to Go Near Me:

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Hampton by Hilton Hotel Rooms and Reservations

We’re excited to welcome you back and are committed to providing you a safe and relaxing stay at all our hotels around the world. (Source: www.hilton.com)

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10 Best Bahawalpur Hotels, Pakistan (from $16)

Our Top Picks Lowest Price First Star rating and price Top Reviewed (Source: www.booking.com)

The city of palaces, a nice clean city, with lots of tourist attractions, specially the Noor Mehal, darbar Mehal, Qila dirawer and Lal sohanra park, must give a visit, and for stay I recommend Pak continental hotel as I stayed there last time and it was perfect (Source: www.booking.com)

www.booking.com)Bahawalpur is a great city for reasonable rates of fabrics and clothes and dresses of good quality and not expensive sewing taylors that charge reasonable money to sew the clothes excellently well. The worst place in bahawalpur is the hotel one, very ferrounting and haunting kammi kameen meeni kameeney bhangye staffs not pleasant to look at, very racist and bad smelling and unclean, without taking shower and without cleaning teeth they keep on working 24 hours a day, 20 hour shifts, and too tired and not willing to help clients and refuse to help clients with cancellations and refunds or promotions or hot deals or to impress to come back again to the hotel one and very disrespectful and rude manager. Their managers of the hotel one are most kammeney and kammi kameen and thieves of monies and dollars and thugs and never helpful and never welcoming. That hotel one is the most horrible place in bahawalpur. (Source:

Basically it was trip to meet some relative for some family matter and as far as the Bahawalpur is concerned, I already like that city and have seen much of its places. This time it was a very short and precise trip. (Source: www.booking.com)

The Hotel Was Very Filthy and Unclean Haunting Place With...

The hotel was very filthy and unclean haunting place with very unclean and bad smelling bathroom although very well tiled. The rooms were not cleaned by the staffs of the hotel on daily basis. The food was of very bad quality and their staffs had very bad attitude and did not want to serve properly. The manager kept on switching off the airconditioner although I paid for it in full. The tea and food is very expensive unnecessarily and not of good standard. very poor area and place to stay at yet very expensive unnecessarily. The manager of the hotel and the staffs loot the monies from the customers for charging them what is not worth the amount or the value of the charges rents paid to them. The hotel was full of frogs and lizzards and dangerous animals like a zoo. (Source: www.booking.com)

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