Rome David:

Rome David:

Rome David:

Romy is currently 25 years old as she was born on March 2, 1996. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to her father Larry David and mother, Laurie Lennard. Moreover, she also has an older sister named Carrie David, whose age has not been revealed. (Source: celebsgraphy.com)

The 24-year-old, Rome is born on March 2, 1996, to celebrity father Larry David and mother Laurie David. Her father Larry is a famous actor and her mother is an American Environmental activist. Her birth sign is Pisces. In the year 2007, her parents filed for a divorce. Both of them seeking joint custody of both the daughter. (Source: biogossip.com)

Biogossip.com)Romy was born with silver spoon in her mouth and she was born into the wealthiest family. Her father Larry David has a jaw-dropping net worth of $950 million. Her dad makes such an impressive worth from her multiple careers as a comedian, actor, producer, and writer. (Source:

Talking more, she started to work at the start of her childhood. Tony began her career in acting. She appeared in a teen comedy show, Hannah Montana. It focuses on the life of teen Miley Stewart who was living a double life as an average schoolgirl and as a famous pop singer, Hannah Montana. (Source: marriedbiography.com)

Rome David is active on social media. She has an Instagram account called “romydavid.” She also has over 20,000 followers on her Instagram account. Similarly, Rome has shared 335 posts on her Instagram page up to this point. Furthermore, she has kept her account private. (Source: gossipbiography.com)

As of her Instagram posts, we can assume that ROM is very close to her sister, and the two spend a lot of time together. Moreover, the young actress also has a pet dog, and she takes it everywhere she goes. (Source: celebsgraphy.com)

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