Rocky Dennis

Rocky Dennis

Rocky Dennis

rocky dennis is an illustrator, painter, storyteller, and cartoonist. He has produced work for the New York Times, GQ, Bloomingdale's, Coca-Cola, HBO, New Yorker, ABC, and Porter magazine, among others. Rocky is also the president of the Guild of Illustrators, the largest professional illustration organization in the United States, and has won awards in illustration, cartooning, and digital media.


en.wikipedia.org)Dennis resided in Azusa, California, as well as Covina. There, along with his half-brother, Joshua, he lived with his parents and attended Ben Lomond Elementary School. Following his mother leaving the family, Dennis was raised for a time by his legal father and grandmother as well as his stepmother. (Source:

At the time of the film's release, Tullis had worked as a counselor helping drug addicts, and she planned to work at the Shanti Project, a workshop for the terminally ill, including patients with AIDS. (Source: en.wikipedia.org McLellan, Dennis (19 November 2006). "Florence Tullis, portrayed by Cher in "Mask," dies at age 70". The Seattle Times. Retrieved 24 April 2016. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

According to his mother, Halloween was a special time for Dennis, who would lead a group of neighborhood kids to trick-or-treat. On their candy run, he pulled pranks on unsuspecting neighbors by pretending to wear more than one mask. After taking off the fake mask he was wearing, the candy givers would realize the joke when he would feign surprise when he couldn’t take off his second “mask” after pulling at his own face. “Rocky always got lots of candy,” Rusty raved of her son’s dark sense of humor. (Source: allthatsinteresting.com)

Despite living a largely normal life, Rocky Dennis made countless visits to the doctor. By the time he was seven, the boy had made 42 trips just to the eye doctor and gone through countless exams so doctors could monitor his progress. (Source: allthatsinteresting.com allthatsinteresting.com))“People would not be entirely kind,” Stoltz said. “It was a very curious lesson to walk a mile in that boy’s shoes. Humanity revealed itself to be a bit ugly, at times.” (Source:

Dennis and Mariana awoke from unconciousness not long afterwards and pulled their baby out of his bbooster seat just in time to save him from the jaws of the Allosaurus. Dennis also pulled Mateo away to safety as the Allosaurus destroyed the trailer in its pursuit and even fought it off with a metal bar. He and Mariana stood defiantly in the face of the roaring dinosaur ready to give their lives to protect their family when Kadasha shot the Allosaur's eye with a crossbow. The injured animal took off and Dennis embraced his family in the ruins of the trailer. (Source: jurassicpark.fandom.com)


The sixth episode in the first season of 30 Rock is a pretty good episode, despite not being as good as the previous three episodes. This episode is still rather entertaining and funny. There are some good subplots within the main story. But it seems that something is off with his episode. I don't think the writing is as good as it was previously or maybe because the addition of Dennis seems pretty useless. (Source: www.imdb.com)

Dennis was portrayed by American actor Andre Holland in the 2019 short film Battle at Big Rock. (Source: jurassicpark.fandom.com)

Dennis and his family embarked on a camping trip to Big Rock National Park in Northern California. They would stay at a camp ground with other campers in trailers. Dennis had just finished grilling chicken and setting up dinner for his family when a female Nasutoceratops and her baby entered the campground. Initially the animals posed no threat and the family watched from inside their trailer while Kadasha explained what species they were. (Source: jurassicpark.fandom.com)

A news report would later recount the events Dennis and his family went through. This first major encounter between dinosaurs and man would come to be known as the "Battle at Big Rock". (Source: jurassicpark.fandom.com)

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