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Rene Russo Net Worth

Rene Russo Net Worth: Rene Russo is an American actress and former model who has a net worth of $40 million. Russo started off as a model, and throughout the 70s she was a recognizable figure that appeared on the covers of a number of high-profile magazines. By the late 80s, she had started to successfully veer towards acting – starting with an appearance in the comedy "Major League." A string of roles soon followed, and throughout the 90s Rene was one of the most prominent working actresses in Hollywood. She tended to appear in thrillers and action movies more than any other genre during this period. (Source: www.celebritynetworth.com)

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Like we did with The Force Awakens, we are going to do a spoiler-free, detail-free review for Avengers: Infinity War. In other words, we are going to rate all of the movies in the MCU to see where Infinity War and the rest fit into place. More... (Source: www.the-numbers.com)

Rene Russo Has Bipolar Disorder. How She—and Other Women—Are Helping Make It Ok to Talk About Mental Health

In an episode of The Queen Latifah Show that airs on Oct. 30, Rene Russo reveals something about her that none of us knew: She has bipolar disorder and is treating it regularly with medications. Here's the clip. So Queen Latifah asks Rene (and Jake Gyllenhaal)—who are out and about promoting their new movie, Nightcrawler, these days—to reveal something they've had to push past in their lives. Rene says she's had bipolar disorder since she was a child. "My mom said my whole childhood was stop-and-go. And then I stopped and was like, 'Whoa,' that was it for me. I didn't really expect to say this, but that was really it for me." When Q.L. asks Rene what made her decide to take medication, Rene says: "I literally crashed; hit a wall and couldn't get out of bed. I thought it was depression, but if you take antidepressants it speeds you up more.... I haven't shared this. I have friends who don't want to go on medication, and they are suffering." So, what is bipolar disorder? According to Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of Your Next Big Thing: Ten Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy: "It's (Source: www.glamour.com)


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