Regal atlantic station

Regal atlantic station

Regal atlantic station

This lot is ready for a future development that will result in apartments and hotels.


A typical day working at regal can be either boring and slow and or very busy during holidays. Working there you learn to work with different age groups and also you learn about the film industry and up to date movie entertainment. I'm not too fond of management there. The most fun and best part of working there was the discount on snacks and free movie tickets everyday.

Well... indeed told me that my review was too long so let me just be sweet, short, and to the point. Regal is an AWFUL company to work for. They don’t appreciate their employees not one bit. They’re trying to get all general managers to quit or fire them (which is easy when you get second and third stepped for some of the most ridiculous things, such as, a spec of dust in your building) so that deputy general managers will take the general managers positions for a FRACTION of the salary. (Source: www.indeed.com)


First, let me say that “1917” is a very good film. Director Sam Mendes uses long scenes to make it seem like the events are happening in real time. The movie follows two British soldiers who are given orders to take an urgent message across the German enemy line in France during World War I.

If 4DX can do that during a period drama, imagine what it’s like for a special effects heavy movie. I think seeing the new “Top Gun” and James Bond movies in this format would be very exciting. You really have to experience it for yourself to understand how the seats and effects perfectly synchronize with the action on the screen. (Source: reporternewspapers.net)

Atlantic Station

Regal Business Events at Regal Atlantic Station Stadium is perfect for corporate events, road shows, product launches, appreciation events and more. We can deliver a truly unique experience helping you with your Atlanta movie theatre rental needs. Regal Atlantic Station Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, can help you plan, coordinate and execute your business meetings or events with a unique movie theater venue. The cinematic experience of giant screens, surround sound audio, stunning HD and comfortable stadium seating means your Atlanta event will reach out and involve your audience like no other medium can. Featuring a VIP lounge and two VIP auditoriums, our Regal Atlantic Station Stadium caters to all your Atlanta event needs!

Opened October 21, 2005. I don’t know if Atlantic Station is considered uptown, downtown or another town, but it is really neat. It is this new urbanism motif, with everything within walking distance. The theatre is pretty swell as well. Very courteous staff, nice big auditoriums (and only 16, imagine that) with great projection and sound. (Source: cinematreasures.org)


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