Psychology Resume

Psychology Resume

Psychology Resume

A psychology graduate student is applying for any number of positions, but how can she get past the wall of text when the employer only looks at the resume name, filing date of the document, and date of submittal?


As a psychologist, you can use your resume to show your specialized skill set to prospective employers and clients. Whether you’re seeking work within a government organization or established practice or setting up your own private practice, a strong psychology resume can help set you apart. In this article, we explain how to create a psychology resume with a sample format and template, plus describe the job outlook for psychologists.

After you state the necessary contact information, create a brief statement that summarizes your goals and shares your talents. Your summary statement is like a sales pitch that reveals your most marketable psychology skills. A strong objective or summary statement invites prospective employers to read on and learn more about your value as a job candidate. This statement should only be one or two sentences about your background and what new experience you are seeking and should be written using sentence fragments. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Clinical psychologists assist clients in identifying problems such as emotional, behavioural and mental status of their lives. The duties typically listed in the Clinical Psychologist Resume include – interviewing and testing the clients, identifying potential disorders, formulating programs, treating the clients, monitoring client’s progress, ensuring that the needs of the clients are met through due course of action, and making modifications if needed, developing treatment plans, teaching classes, and developing therapeutic processes.

Knowledgeable and qualified Clinical Psychologist with a proven track record of success in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, developing custom treatment plans, and providing professional individual and group psychotherapy. Offers an excellent knowledge of psychology, highly professional attitude, well-developed communication/public speaking skills, and great time management abilities. (Source: www.kickresume.com)


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