Providence Place Mall

Providence Place Mall

Providence Place Mall

providence place mall offers all types of stores that you could find in the mall. More than just shopping, boston is a city for major cultural events, an enjoyable day at the beach, and fine dining. If you're looking for cheap car rentals, hotel rooms, or to rent a boat, make sure to visit this popular destination.


Just across Memorial Boulevard, you can't miss Providence Place, the huge mall built in 1999 on land once used by Ray's Park & Lock, a dirt lot for 450 cars. ... When the mall was proposed, some East Siders ... complained it looked like an aircraft carrier. They convinced public officials to change the design to include more red brick (and special yellow brick for Nordstrom) and turrets on the roof to fit the city's industrial past. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Looking for the perfect place to spend a fun day or night out? Look no further than Providence Place, Rhode Island’s ultimate shopping, dining and entertainment destination. (Source:www.visitrhodeisland.com))

We're open and look forward to welcoming you. Shop by walking in, reserving a one-on-one session with a Specialist, or buying online and picking up in the store. Get support at the Genius Bar in the store or by making a reservation. Face masks recommended. If you need one, please ask. (Source: www.apple.com)

At the Providence Place Mall AT&T store, keeping you connected and entertained is our thing! From the hottest phones to TV services that you can walk out watching, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to assisting you, our neighbors, with all your wireless and entertainment needs. Drop by and see us today! (Source: www.att.com Everyone gets our best deals! Come visit the Providence store and take a look at the current iPhone deals. (Source:www.att.com))

At the Providence Place Mall AT&T store, keeping you connected and entertained is our thing! From the hottest phones to TV services that you can walk out watching, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to assisting you, our neighbors, with all your wireless and entertainment needs. Drop by and see us today! (Source: www.att.com Hi! We're so happy that Artenio was able to help you, and provide a great experience in our store! We look forward to your next visit! (Source:www.att.com))

We also looked at how the mall has affected shopping habits, whether it has made city residents more likely to visit other downtown stores and restaurants, to shop out of state, or to shop outside of Providence. And to determine how the rise of the Internet is affecting mall shopping, we compared shopping in bricks and mortar establishments to shopping on the Internet. Overall, this survey had a margin of error of approximately plus or minus 6 percentage points. It was conducted at the John Hazen White, Sr. Public Opinion Laboratory and was broadly representative of the city of Providence. (Source: www.insidepolitics.org AT&T offers multiple great prepaid wireless plans for customers in the Providence area who are looking to enjoy great wireless service with no annual contract. You can find a whole list of plans and deals on the AT&T PREPAID website. (Source:www.att.com))

The second aspect of upscale, i.e., attracting more affluent shoppers, has been more of a mixed pattern. To see what kind of demographic clientele the mall is attracting, we looked at the characteristics of those individuals who said they were frequent mall visitors, defined as those visiting the mall at least once a month over the past six months. (Source: www.insidepolitics.org)

Compared to five years ago, would you say downtown Providence looks: 78% better off, 8% about the same, 6% worse off, 8% don't know or no answer (Source: www.insidepolitics.org)


Mall promoters promised jobs, tax revenues, and the renewal of downtown Providence as a shopping destination. Indeed, Providence did not have a concentration of stores like Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, The Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Eddie Bauer before the opening of the mall. Critics worried that the mall would invite shoppers and pedestrians into the city and then isolate shoppers within its walls. (Source: www.brown.edu The largest building in the state, the $500 million mall was a public and private venture in which taxpayers contribute to the mall, allowing the developer to retain the first $6 million in sales tax receipts for twenty years, and the city of Providence would forgive the property tax for 20 years. (Source:www.brown.edu))

The introduction of the typically suburban shopping complex to the urban landscape of Providence required architects to fuse the urban and suburban retail shopping models. Usually a sprawling mall is surrounded by acres of parking lots, has only one or two levels. In contrast, the urban shopping environment usually consists of storefronts on a street with pedestrian traffic. The site of the mall is thirteen acres, and so the parking had to be brought into the structure of the mall itself. Additionally, there are seven main floors of retails stores, restaurants, and kiosks and entertainment venues. (Source: www.brown.edu)

The design of the seven-floor building itself embodies the forces exerted during its creation. The Capital Center Commission envisioned a space that would invite visitors to enter the city and spend time and money there. The developer, Commonwealth Development Group, hoped to build a large profitable mall. Individual retailers strove to create spaces that would maximize sales per square foot. Additionally, individual residents and organizations like the Providence Preservation Society wanted to influence the aesthetics and practicalities of the design. Multiple architects worked on the designs and on individual stores. The struggles of these sometimes contradictory voices physically manifested themselves in the design of the mall. (Source: www.brown.edu Because Providence Place Mall is an urban shopping center, designers wanted to make it as penetrable as possible. Along Francis Street, restaurants and stores face the street at circulation level. However, the anchor stores like Nordstrom refused to have a public entrance from the street in the store or to place windows in their façade. In fact, blinded windows block viewers from seeing what would be exceptional views of the capital and the cityscape. In this way the building sets up exterior barriers, resisting complete interface with the city. Before the mall was built the land once housed a 19th-century prison, and then buildings of the University of Rhode Island Department of Continuing Education. (Source:www.brown.edu))


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