Prada Sneakers

Prada Sneakers

Prada Sneakers

A trend that does not need endorsement! If you are not concerned about luxury brands or what is expensive, then you should be. Clothes are about wearing the best of today, regardless of how competitive it may be.


www.lyst.com)To ensure your Prada sneakers remain looking their best, first, ensure they are kept dry when not being worn. Also be sure to keep them away from any water, oil, performs and cosmetics to avoid staining. Over-exposure to direct sunlight and heat should also be avoided. (Source:

Are women’s Prada sneakers made from leather? (Source: www.lyst.com Some styles of women’s Prada sneakers are made of leather. Styles that are best suited to pairing with jeans or wide-leg pants such as the Avenue Last have leather uppers. The more sporty styles like the America’s Cup have leather and mesh uppers which ensure breathability when working out or for teaming with casual jeans or yoga pants. (Source:www.lyst.com))

www.lyst.com www.lyst.com))Firstly, labels on Prada sneakers shoulder read Prada with ‘Made in Italy’ printed beneath in smaller text. The word Prada should be in all capitals, i.e PRADA. Sneakers will have a removable insole with an additional Prada logo underneath, located at the heel. There will also be a serial code printed on the Prada sneakers are made from quality leather and fabric and there are a few things you can do to check authenticity. (Source:side. (Source:

What different styles of Prada sneakers are there? (Source: www.lyst.com www.lyst.com))Prada sneakers are ideal for many different casual occasions. For a laid back weekend check out the two-tone platform brogues with their monochrome leather uppers and chunky rubber soles. They are the perfect chilled out shoe that offer plenty of comfort while not compromising on style. (Source:

www.lyst.com)Give your sneaker collection a high-fashion upgrade with a new pair of Prada kicks. Sleek white high-tops and low-tops come with a flash of neon or cobalt blue on the sole, while color-blocked and perforated-leather versions raise the bar for off-duty cool. Shop the Prada sneaker collection for everything from metallic lace-ups and camouflage-patterned slip-ons to the label's directional America's Cup design. (Source:


Never conforming to trends, Prada challenges traditional eye-catching aesthetics in this men’s Prada sneakers collection. Look out for white high-tops and low-tops complete with a burst of neon or azure blue on the sole, and discover perforated leather versions and color-blocked styles that take casual cool to new heights. Uncover metallic lace-ups, camouflage-covered slip-ons as well as the house’s directional America’s Cup design. Find the perfect styles and size that’s best suited to you with the help of our Prada men’s sneakers buying guide. (Source: www.lyst.com)

Unsure what size to take in Prada sneakers? The brand uses IT (same as European) sizing, and you can use the below chart to find your equivalent US, UK or France shoe size. (Source: www.lyst.com)

For example, if you’re a UK men’s size 11 or a US 12, you should buy your Prada sneakers in an IT/EU size 45. (Source: www.lyst.com Even if you take good care of your Prada sneakers, sometimes, they’ll need more than just a quick spot clean. (Source:www.lyst.com))

www.lyst.com www.lyst.com))Prada sneakers run quite true to size. They’re the ultimate sneakers for everyday use and special occasions, too. Prada sneakers should feel comfy, your toes should have sufficient space to move and there shouldn’t be any heel slip. You’ll need to break into your first pair, so consider wearing them with socks, ideally the ones you wear frequeHow do I clean my Prada sneakers? (Source:ntly. (Source:

You can keep your Prada sneakers in great condition by following our guide above. Simply fill a bowl with warm water and add a little washing powder or laundry detergent. Dip a soft bristle brush into the bowl and go over each sneaker in its entirety, rubbing in a circular motion, beginning with the upper and ending with the sole. Lastly, use a cloth to gently rub away any excess foam caused by the cleaning product. (Source: www.lyst.com)


Inspect the sole for the Prada logo – it should appear in either an upside-down triangle or inside an ellipse. A counterfeit pair may feature the logo on the side of the sneaker, or not on the sole at all. Check the date underneath each Prada logo, which should read ‘1913’ – the year Prada was established. Fake Prada sneakers will read ‘1931’ as the date of establishment. (Source: www.lyst.com Prada has a variety of boots, loafers, high top sneakers, leather sneakers, sandals, runners sneakers and lot more for you to choose from. Prada shoes feature breathable mesh, cushioned arch support, reinforced toes, double stitching on the uppers and rubber outsoles for traction. The brand’s collection of Prada sneakers includes slip-on and lace-up styles, such as Prada double-strap tech-knit sneakers and Prada mens American cup low profile black leather lace up Sneakers. The sneakers are crafted in lustrous, smooth leather and are available in varying silhouettes, colors, and designs. Colors for these designer shoes include black, white, beige and more, and theyre available in every major shoe size. Prada is also well known for their mens loafer/sneaker hybrid that comes with the design of a sports trainer but with the look of an Oxford. (Source:www.ebay.com))

Soon after the original America’s Cup sneaker was released, Prada included a hybrid sneaker in its FW98 collection — long before hybrid sneakers were a thing. Again dubbed the Prada Sneaker, albeit the 1998 version, this pair combined the original America’s Cup rubber sole with a luxury calf leather upper. (Source: www.highsnobiety.com)

When it comes to sneakers from Prada, Lyst has you covered. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these sneakers are built to last from materials such as rubber. Prada is renowned for creating highly wearable, well-made sneakers. The label is committed to delivering pieces that are not only expertly crafted, but look good and are fully functional, too. Look here for highly wearable designs that really go the distance. By taking time to care for your rubber, you’ll ensure your item stays beautiful for years to come. It’s relatively simple to keep your rubber sneakers looking good for many years. We recommend checking the individual care label for each piece and follow the instructions carefully. Discover the latest Prada sneakers on Lyst. Shop now for new arrivals. (Source: www.lyst.com)


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