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If you're new to Pocket Emo, you should be aware of the many slang terms you're bound to encounter. From a brain simulation game to character customization, this mobile game has it all. But what is it exactly that makes it so addictive and fun? Let's look at some of the most popular slang words in Pocket Emo and learn how to master them. Once you've mastered them, you'll be sure to love the genre as much as I do.

Character customization options

If you're looking for a fun, easy to learn browser game, Pocket Emo is the one for you. Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, Pocket Emo offers an array of enjoyable features. After all, who doesn't love a virtual emo? Its basic features include character creation, feeding, playing, and even music. You can even give your pocket emo a razor and watch her trim her hair and get rid of her acne!

You can change a character's appearance in Pocket Emo by changing his or her gender and age. You can also change the appearance of each face detail, including eyebrow thickness and position, eye size and shape, and more. For PC and Xbox One versions, you can rotate your character by holding down the right mouse button, dragging left or right, or using the right thumbstick. Choosing the right skin tone and body type is another way to change your character's look.

Another great feature of Pocket Emo is the ability to customize your character using the game's Dress Up feature. You can change your emo's appearance and facial expressions, add piercings, and even purchase wristbands and thick-rimmed glasses. You can even customize your emo's appearance by choosing from among a selection of clothing pieces. If you're not sure where to start, consider creating an online profile and posting the emo character you've created on it.

Customizing your character is also a breeze with the app. You can choose your character's hairstyle, skin color, eye color, and more, all using face recognition technology. You can even stick funny elements to your character's face! Once you're satisfied with your character's face, you can change his clothes and accessories to give him his signature look. The app also includes a photo editor, which lets you change your character's look to create a completely different appearance.

Brain simulation game

If you're tired of being the same old emo, there are now brain-simulation games that fit your taste. These games allow you to play with a character who lives inside your mind. In these games, you can choose various facial expressions, hairstyles, and outfits. You can even get piercings, thick-rimmed glasses, and a messenger bag.

As a pocket emo, you are in charge of keeping your character happy. However, he has been broken-hearted lately, and you need to make him happy. To do this, you will need to take care of him and avoid disturbing him. In these games, you'll need to think like him to make him happy. Also, you'll need to make sure that he doesn't meet anyone, because this will affect his happiness.

Pocket Emo has many features, but its most exciting feature is its simple design. You play as an emo, and when you get bored, you can feed him a burger. However, his mood may be off-kilter, and you can't make him happy by simply feeding him. The game also gives you a number of ways to make him happy, such as giving him a razor and writing in a diary.


There are many ways to describe this type of music, from screamo to grunge. The term "pocket emo" has several slang synonyms. If you're looking for one of the more uncommon ones, consider the following list. The first two are closely related to each other, but they are not necessarily synonyms for pocket emo. Pocket emo is also commonly referred to as "poppy."

While many people use 'pocket emo' to describe their personal style, it's often used in an unprofessional context to mock streamer fans. Fortunately, the internet offers numerous pocket emo synonyms. These can help you better understand this popular style of music. Here are a few examples. Keep reading to learn more about the genre! When you're ready to start learning a new term, a dictionary can be a great help.

Slang words

If you've ever wanted to find out more about pocket emo, here are some of the slang words people use to describe the subgenre. "Lemon genie" is a term from the Japanese manga series "The Rose of Versailles." It refers to people who love criticizing others and being jealous. There are more words associated with the subgenre than these. However, you don't necessarily need to know them to express yourself properly.

"Yi Qi Pa Shan Ma" is a Chinese slang term that means "hike." Another translation of this phrase is "Si Wang Yao Yue."

"Green tea bitch" is another popular term. A green tea bitch is a "cheeky" girl who appears innocent but is manipulative. Generally, this girl is a troll. However, it's common for her to brag about her life and her escapades. Her fake charm and charming personality hides her true intentions. Slang words for pocket emo and its subgenre are a perfect mix of slang.

"Creek" is a slang word for "cracker," and it's also associated with the genre. It's a popular expression used in rap music. Initially, people didn't use these words together in their conversations. This eventually led to the formation of slang words like "two-four."

Pocket Emo by MINDistortion.tv

In this video, a person playing the game Pocket Emo can feed, play with, and shave it. If you do so, the character will behave like an emo teenager, so you should be careful! In this video, you will learn about the game's gameplay, character interactions, achievements, and more! After all, a pocket emo is a lot like a real emo.


The game is a fun online browser game that allows players to feed, groom, and play with an emo character. The main objective is to raise the mood of your character to increase its happiness. The five hearts at the top right of the screen indicate the current mood of your character. You can also give your character a razor or a diary to write in. The more you feed him, the happier he will become.

You can choose your character's facial expressions, hairstyle, and outfit. There are also various piercing options, thick-rimmed glasses, and a messenger bag to customize your look. You can also customize your character's appearance by selecting different accessories such as thick-rimmed glasses, wristbands, and messenger bags. The more unique you want to be, the better.


A lot of games are available for you to choose from. However, you might be interested in the Pocket Emo characters by MINDistortion.tv. You will be able to create your own emo characters by choosing various options. There are different basic options for your character such as their hairstyle, facial expressions, outfit and accessories such as piercings, wristbands, thick rimmed glasses, messenger bag and more.

When choosing a pocket emo character, remember to keep the type of persona in mind. This type of person has broken hearts and needs to be alone. He or she needs their peace and quiet and must be left alone. However, they can be annoying if you try to interfere with their life. Try to avoid disturbing these characters if you wish to get the best look.

If you want to have fun while playing Pocket Emo, you can feed your character. You can also feed him or her, play with him or her, and even give him a razor. After a while, he or she will start to become happier. If you have the right character, you can even use it as a mascot for your pet! There are so many ways to get your emo to behave in a positive way.


In Pocket Emo, players can play with and feed their character, and you can also use a razor to make them happy. You can also listen to music, write in a journal, and give them a razor. In the game, you'll learn how to make your character happy, which you can do by using the five hearts in the top right corner of the screen. However, don't be surprised if they don't always behave as you want them to.

Several websites have Pocket Emo characters. The most popular of these is Mindistortion.tv, but you can also find them on other gaming sites, including MySpace and WordPress. You can also embed the game's character on your own site. This way, you can add it to your website with no hassle. Once you have created your account, you can easily download and install Actions in Pocket Emo by Mindistortion.tv.


You can play a game called Pocket Emo and monitor your character's mood by clicking on the five hearts in the top right corner. If your character is unhappy, you can feed them burgers or play with them. You can also give them a razor to make them happy. Ultimately, you can make them happy by increasing their happiness level and helping them achieve all of their goals.

As for the achievements, this game offers plenty of challenges. In the early stages, you can name your character, visit them, feed them, and even cut them with a razor blade. You can also play with them, let them listen to music, and so much more! It's a fun game for kids and adults alike, and you can unlock more than one achievement by completing missions.

How to make emo happy

If you want to know how to make your Pocket Emo happy, keep reading. This article contains tips for making an emotional teen happy. You can give this cute little guy or girl a razor, food, or play with him. He will act like an emo teen once you've done all of these things. Remember that Pocket Emos are just like any other teen in that they're easily frustrated and easily messed with.

The first thing you can do to make your pocket emo happy is to give him or her a name. A emo character is typically very cheerful, but that doesn't mean that it's not sad. Most emos are pretty happy, and they will openly admit that they enjoy cloudy days. They'll usually listen to a sad song or watch an indie movie with a dark ending. They will also wear black clothes instead of bright colors.

After you've given him or her a name, you can monitor their mood by examining the five hearts at the top right. If you notice that one of them is numb, you should try to give him or her a cheerful outfit. After a month, the character should become happy on its own. But if you're really determined, you can try another trick. If your Pocket Emo character is unhappy with his or her current situation, this will be easier.

There are several ways to make your Pocket Emo happy. You can name him or her, play with him, or feed him or her. You can also use a razor blade to make it happy. You can also allow him or her to listen to music. If you have a computer, you can install Pocket Emo onto your website. Then, it will appear on any webpage you want. You can make your Pocket Emo happy without spending too much money.

How to Make Your Cat Happy on Pocket Emo

pocket emocom

What is Pocket Emo? A cute emo chibi avatar, which you can feed and play with. Whenever you want to make him happy, you can give him a razor and he will act just like an emo teenager. The best part of this website is that you can save its URL to your Pocket! The emo community on this site is so great that it has a community of almost a million members.

Create a cute emo chibi avatar

It is possible to create a cute emo c-pop avatar on Pocket Emo. You can feed, play, and shave the c-pop avatar to create a fun character. It will act just like an emo teenager. You can even make your Pocket Emo write a diary and listen to music. But, you have to watch out for his grumpy behavior and make sure he's happy with the food he's receiving.

The fun part of creating a pocket emo c-pop avatar is that you can post it on several social networking sites. Your pocket emo character can appear on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace. It can even appear on your blog site or on your MySpace page! You can even create your own virtual emo club!

Care for him

Having a cat can be difficult but there are several ways to make your feline friend happy. First, you need to guess what he wants by using your left mouse button. Once you have guessed, you can click on the items on his screen. This game can be played on any website or mySpace page, and you can even implant a Pocket Emo character into your site. Just make sure you have a flash player installed on your computer before you begin playing the game.

Another way to make your Pocket Emo happy is to feed him. He can be given a burger or a razor. You can also play with him and make him happy by playing with him. This will make him happy and make him act like a typical emo teen. While playing the game, you can also write in his diary and listen to music. You can even give him a razor if he's feeling grumpy.

Pocket Emo is an interesting mind reenactment game that allows players to explore their emotions without getting too tired. It is simple to play, yet has a lot of captivating highlights. The game will make you smile as you take care of your Pocket Emo. He will also listen to your music and compose in his journal. The more you care for him, the more satisfied he will be with you.

Make him happy

How to make him happy? Well, here are some tips. First, remember that he is a pocket Emo. It is a character you can feed, play with, or give a razor to. This way, he will feel happy and act like an emo teenager. You can also use some of these tips to make him happy. Here's how to make him happy with pocket emos.

To begin with, you can use a free online game to create an emo character. All you have to do is dress him up, choose a name, and choose from 5 options. Once you're done, save the character and post it on your blog or myspace. If you're feeling particularly generous, you can use it in a personal blog or social networking site. In fact, it's even easier than you think.

In addition, you can play a game that enables you to keep an eye on your character's happiness levels. When a pocket emo character has five hearts that have fallen to pieces, it means he's emotional and despondent. This type of game helps him cope with his broken heart. You can also make him happy by leaving him alone to play it. Whether it's a video game or a real life situation, you can find a pocket emo game that matches your guy's personality.

Once you've found a site that has Pocket Emo, you can add the game character to his website. Several sites offer this popular game, but you can even add your own. If you're using WordPress or MySpace, you can also embed the character's game. That way, he can play it from anywhere. He can also watch his favorite music in the background and share it with you.

Save a URL to Pocket

If you're looking for a way to save a URL, you might want to try using Pocket. This service lets you save URLs from your clipboard, browser, or computer. By saving a URL to Pocket, you can access it later, and you can also watch videos from the site. Just follow the steps below to learn how to save a URL to Pocket. And now, you can save a URL to Pocket on MySpace.

You can play Pocket Emo on any internet browser, including Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your device. This game is based on the internet, so it works on just about any device. Once you've installed it, you can use the URL to play it on Pocket Emo. However, before you do this, you should know how to save a URL to Pocket Emo.

You can also create a bookmark on your smartphone to save a URL to Pocket Emo. Creating bookmarks in Pocket Emo can help you organize your bookmarks. You can also save a URL to Pocket Emo to keep it safe. And now, you can enjoy the fun game of Pocket Emo! Save a URL to Pocket Emo and share it with your friends and family! Just be careful not to mess with it!

To download the game, simply copy the URL into your phone's clipboard and open it in your web browser. After a month, the game will become easier for you to navigate. If you're using an iPhone or Android, you'll need to install Adobe Flash Player on your device. You'll need the Adobe Flash Player to play Pocket Emo. You can also play it in your mobile browser. You'll need to install the Adobe Flash Player on your phone to play Pocket Emo on your phone.

Using it without permission

The game Pocket Emo is accessible on several gaming websites. Mindistortion is the most popular, while armorgames and flasharcadegames are also accessible. However, it is possible to install your character on your own site. As long as the site has the Adobe Flash Player, you can install Pocket Emo. However, if you want to make money from Pocket Emo, you should not implant it on other websites.

Pocket emo

If you’ve had more than six hours of uninterrupted sleep in one night, please don’t risk your life by reading the whole article below. The first part of this article is about young people and suicide. The second part is an appreciation of TV's the Bachelorette.

Pocket Emo


Actions: You’ll be able to feed your Pocket Emo a burger. Further on, You can play with your emo character with a ball. Throw it around, and he’ll play with it but in an indifferent mood, of course. Another action that comes within the game is to make your emo character write in a diary. How can your Pocket Emo be complete without listening to emo songs? You can make him listen to music while playing the game as well. Lastly, the game brings a razor that you can give to your emo character. Although it’s less likely, he’ll accept it and will instead make you take it away.

Pocket Emo

Dress Up: The game gives you multiple options to help you envision your ideal emo character. The basics include choosing between different choices for the hairstyle, facial expressions, and outfit. You can even go all-in with the ’emo-ness with the options of adding piercing, studded belt, wristbands, thick-rimmed glasses, and messenger bag. With all these possibilities at your disposal, you can create the emo character of your dreams. (Source: www.internetvibes.net)


Actions: You’ll be able to feed your Pocket Emo a burger. Further on, You can play with your emo character with a ball. Throw it around, and he’ll play with it but in an indifferent mood, of course. Another action that comes within the game is to make your emo character write in a diary. How can your Pocket Emo be complete without listening to emo songs? You can make him listen to music while playing the game as well. Lastly, the game brings a razor that you can give to your emo character. Although it’s less likely, he’ll accept it and will instead make you take it away.

Pocket Emo

An intriguing question that dwells on many players who spend their leisure time on this game is how you beat the game? If you’re unaware, to beat Pocket Emo means to increase the happiness of your emo character. The happiness can be monitored by the five hearts shown on the game’s screen’s top right. If the hearts are split in half, indicating a broken heart, that means your emo character is unhappy. To beat the game, the goal is to ensure all five hearts are repaired, i.e., the character is pleased. Therefore to beat poket emo, means to learn how to make pocket emo happy. (Source: www.internetvibes.net)


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