Plaza fiesta Atlanta

Plaza fiesta Atlanta

Plaza fiesta Atlanta

This is a neighborhood, but it's also a series of shops and restaurants that looks over Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia.


Essentially a hidden world. Viewed from Buford Highway, the plaza seems like any other strip mall - a large food market, several restaurants, another anchor store (here, it's Burlington) and some other outside-facing shops.But no, Plaza Fiesta is a full scale mall with tons of stuff inside, including a food court, which is Hispanic-centered. Reminds me a bit of the 'flea market' that used to be down the road before it got bulldozed in favor of City Market.Busy on the weekends. (

I highly recommend making a stop here while you're cruising along Buford Highway. This place is another gem on Buford.They have all sorts of shops and stores but I'm partial to the labyrinth of food stalls located on the Claremont Road side of this mall. They have great prices for authentic dishes from many Latin American countries. I like the stalls that sell amazing fresh fruit like mango and papaya at excellent prices.I suggest you walk take some time and just walk around the whole mall to get a feel for this very unique and culturally important meeting place for the Hispanic community.Parking is free and you can enter the mall on both the Buford Highway side or on the Claremont Road side.Go explore a little bit at Plaza Fiesta! (Source: www.plazafiesta.net)


As soon as you hit enter the space, you are transported to Mexico and everything is very crowded and festive. When we last visited Mexico, we made sure to visit the "non-tourist" areas so that we could get an authentic feel for the country. Visiting the plaza reminded me of that experience. In Mexico they would assume that we were lost but here they just looked at us with curiosity. (Source: www.plazafiesta.net)

Riggio knew that families, and specifically female shoppers, would not come to the new mall if crime remained, so safety stood at the forefront of the redevelopment plan. The redeveloped property, which includes an on-site police substation, is credited with ridding the area of the gang violence, drug sales, and graffiti that once plagued it. The shopping center now boasts one of the lowest per capita crime rates in metro Atlanta. (Source: trinitydevelopment.net)


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