Playboi Carti Poster

Playboi Carti Poster


playboi carti poster

Playboi Carti Poster


Playboi Carti is a hip-hop artist known for his distinct style. This poster is the ideal way to show your admiration of Carti's music and decorate your room. Measuring 30x42cm (A3) in size, it features an image of Carti famous for hits like "Magnolia" and "Lean 4 Real." With high quality printing, this poster will remain crisp and vivid - making it ideal as a gift idea for friends who share your enthusiasm. Printed on thick museum-grade paper with matte finish for long lasting color reproduction and image durability; available in multiple sizes custom cut to the artist's specifications.

Desertcart, a legitimate online store operating since 2014, sells this product. They utilize advanced technology and software systems to protect customers' financial details and transactions.


If you're a big fan of Playboi Carti, this poster is essential. This large and vibrant image captures the rapper's distinctive style as well as chart-topping hits such as "Magnolia." This giclee print is printed on museum grade acid-free paper so it will last the test of time. Measuring 30x42cm (A3) in size, this poster can hang in any home or office setting; plus it includes other high-end features like a clear protective frame and adhesive back. It also makes for an excellent gift for friends or family members who appreciate Carti and hip-hop culture!


In an ideal world, songwriters, engineers and other contributors to music would receive recognition for their efforts. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in the industry, especially when artists fail to acknowledge their collaborators appropriately. Playboi Carti has recently been accused of stealing a song by ASAP Bari without paying him or crediting him on his latest album Whole Lotta Red.

Jordan Terrell Carter, better known by his stage name Playboi Carti, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2017, he gained notoriety within the hip-hop community with the release of his self-titled debut mixtape that received critical acclaim from publications such as XXL, Pitchfork, Spin, HotNewHipHop and PopMatters.

His style of rapping is highly repetitive and catchy, similar to contemporaries Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug who gained notoriety as part of the A$AP Mob in mid-2010s. He quickly gained notoriety as a viral sensation; his debut studio album Die Lit debuted at number three on Billboard charts in 2018.

After his debut album's success, Carti continued to gain mainstream recognition through hit singles like "Broke Boi" and "Fetti," leading him to sign with Interscope Records and eventually release his second album, Whole Lotta Red in 2020.

Whole Lotta Red marks an exciting new chapter in Carti's career. Instead of taking a neo-traditionalist approach like on his debut, he's chosen to utilize his rapping and ad-libs as tools that can be utilized independently to either provide moments of escapism or vital bursts of energy.

He's also included a variety of musicians on Whole Lotta Red, such as Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, to lend their voices to songs on the record. This is an unconventional step for Carti, who has never shied away from trying new sounds and styles before.

Playboi Carti's music has been featured on countless hit songs, as well as collaborations with Lana Del Rey and Tyler the Creator. His latest project, Whole Lotta Red, promises to be his most ambitious yet.

aap rocky quilt

A$AP Rocky's 2021 Met Gala Quilt Turned Out to Be a Donation

At the 2021 Met Gala, American rapper A$AP Rocky turned heads with his vibrant multi-colored quilt. He wrapped it around his shoulders to give off an air of comfort and add a stylish touch.

Sarah took to Instagram after discovering the quilt was inspired by one of her family's heirlooms and shared photos of both - one featuring rapper Drake's outfit and another showing off her great grandmother's quilt.

Unique Design

On fashion's biggest night, A$AP Rocky made waves in his cozy multi-colored quilt outfit that made him look like he was ready for bed and the Met Gala. However, this piece was actually a donation from someone's family which they gave away years ago.

Soon after photos of A$AP Rocky's quilt-style cape began flooding Instagram, social media user Sarah took to her account to reveal its source. She posted a side-by-side photo of him wearing the cape at the 2021 Met Gala alongside one of herself sleeping with the same blanket at home.

After seeing the quilt reappear on Instagram, she immediately began to question if it had been her great grandmother Mary's creation since they had donated it to a thrift store back in 2008. So she went to her mom with her suspicions and asked her to search through their family photos for confirmation that it truly belonged to Mary.

Sarah's mom revealed the photos to her, and she immediately recognized it as the same quilt her great grandmother had donated to a thrift store years earlier. As Sarah shared the tale of its journey into her great grandmother's life, it brought back many memories for her.

Sarah Linnetz discovered a quilt made by Sarah's great grandmother Mary during an era when quilts were an increasingly popular craft and part of American culture. Linnetz found the patchwork piece at a vintage shop and thought it perfectly captured the spirit of this year's Met Gala theme: "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion".

In an interview with Vogue, Linnetz said he was inspired by the quilt's history to design an outfit that captured both its "In America" theme and American experience. Additionally, he collaborated with quilting expert Zak Foster on adding additional embellishments and touches to bring the quilt to life.

This is the epitome of "life imitating art." We love how a quilt can serve to help people remember their families and connect generations. It's an incredibly touching story that we hope to see more of!

High Quality Thread

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your sewing is by using premium thread. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced quilter, selecting the appropriate thread for your project is essential. Not only does the weight, color and spin of your thread matter - they all play a role in how professional your finished product will appear.

Fat Quarter Shop offers an extensive selection of top-quality quilting threads to choose from, featuring products from leading manufacturers so that you can find the ideal thread to meet your requirements and finish your project on schedule and within budget. With our selection, Fat Quarter Shop ensures your project stays on track!

When selecting thread for your quilting project, look for one with the perfect combination of strength, elasticity and ease of use. No matter which type you select, always ensure it is made from long staple cotton fibers to minimize lint accumulation.

Another way to make your next sewing project stand out is by selecting a thread with an innovative feature. In addition to being high-quality, this product allows quilters to create stunning quilts featuring zigzag patterns without spending a fortune on fabric. This is the ideal solution for those who want their work to look professional without breaking the bank.

The great thing about this thread is that it can be used for a wide range of sewing tasks, including quilting, embroidery and serging. It has a slight waxed finish which helps prevent thread tangling while sewing and allows it to glide through fabric smoothly. Plus, with its low lint count and range of colors to suit any creative requirement, this thread has plenty to offer!

Double-Fold Coordinating Binding

At the 2021 Met Gala, A$AP Rocky donned a patchwork cape with an asymmetrical hemline that looked like it had been made from an old quilt. We love that A$AP's inspiration was used for this adorable A$AP rocky quilt!

This quilt's double-fold coordinated binding is the ideal choice for projects requiring vibrant accents. It requires no ironing and is colorfast, making it suitable for use on a range of different projects.

Begin by calculating how wide you want your binding to be by adding up all of the perimeter of the quilt plus some extra. Doing this will guarantee there is enough binding around each corner and overlap at both ends, eliminating excess fabric after all sewing has been completed.

Next, decide whether you want to cut your strips on the bias (a 45 degree angle to the selvages) or in a straight line. Bias strips tend to stretch more, but are easier to sew and may be best suited for quilts with curved edges.

When working with fabrics with straight grain lines, cutting your strips on the bias will produce a uniform surface that looks great on most quilts. However, if your fabric features stripes, cutting on the bias may result in uneven or diagonally placed strips.

Once you've decided which type of binding you'll use, cut your binding strip fabric pieces according to the directions on the package. Cutting on the bias is ideal but not essential - double-fold or single-fold binding strips can still be made if desired.

Once your quilt has cooled, lay your binding strip along one of its bottom edges, starting at the folded point end. Make sure both raw edges of the binding and quilt align perfectly before pin or clipping it in place. Now it's time for hand stitching or machine stitching down the binding, starting from the folded point end and ending a few inches from where you started.

Decorative Stitching

Decorative stitching on garments can be a fun and creative way to add texture, interest and design elements. Depending on the garment type and fabric type, you have various stitch options available that will suit your project perfectly.

When selecting decorative stitching, it is essential to pick one that is easy to sew and won't cause puckering. Furthermore, test out the stitch on some scrap fabric first so you know if it works well before using it on your main project.

When selecting decorative stitching for clothing or quilting projects, there are a variety of styles to choose from - including variations on the classic zig-zag stitch. Patterns can also be created by altering the width or length of a stitch and mirroring. Knowing which style works best with your garment is key when selecting embellishment options.

Stitch mirroring allows you to flip a single stitch either horizontally or vertically, creating an endless pattern. It's an effective option for filling in designs and creating lines of stitching that look like hand embroidery.

This versatile stitch can be employed for a variety of projects, from small spaces to larger areas. It's great for applique and can be made with threads that match the fabric color. Other stitches may be added as backgrounds for other designs or placed at the center of a design to define its shape and outline features.

When performing decorative stitching, it is wise to use a stabilizer in order to prevent the fabric from bunching up or becoming distorted. This will minimize puckering and give your design a more polished appearance.

Add some vintage flair to the collar of your Kimmy dress by stitching in some heirloom stitches, or dainty leaves along the V-neckline of your Marlow button-up. Embroider a quote on James glasses cases or embellish the hemlines of Kimmy dresses with geometric satin stitching for added visual interest.

Decorative stitching can be an affordable and simple way to give your sewing projects some personality. The key is finding the ideal stitch that will complement your fabric and make it stand out in a crowd.

hustle hybrid bowling ball

Hustle Hybrid Bowling Balls

No matter your level of skill with hooking the ball, or if you're an intermediate bowler looking to add spin and hook, Hustle hybrid bowling balls have got what you need.

The Hustle HYB model utilizes the iconic Hustle core with a lower RG design, combined with VTC-H18 (Versatile Traction Control - Hybrid 18) coverstock and 3000-grit pad for enhanced smoother midlane motion as well as greater stability downlane. This combination offers improved control for drivers by offering them more stability to turn in oncoming laps.

Hybrid Coverstock

The Hustle hybrid bowling ball is an ideal option for any beginner seeking a smooth motion that reads lanes later than solid. Additionally, it hooks less violently on the backend than some of its peers.

This ball has a two-part solid and pearl reactive coverstock, which comes out of the box with a 1500 grit polished surface. This coverstock should react similarly to pearl, making it an excellent choice for light to medium oil conditions.

Hybrids are a hybrid of solid and pearl coverstocks, offering smoother motion than pure solids with more predictable hook times on the lanes. This gives bowlers more leeway when it comes to accuracy and style when bowling.

Roto Grip's Hustle symmetric core HP1 ball features a Stoked coverstock that contrasts with their S/A/Y and Wreck-It balls, featuring two parts solid and one part pearl for increased shine.

Generally, these coverstocks are best suited for dry or lightly oily lanes since they won't generate as much friction as solid or pearl coverstocks do. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the type of coverstock used will only have a minor influence on how your ball performs on the lane.

In general, pearl and solid coverstocks are the two most popular coverstocks to use in bowling. Pearls provide more motion on the lane - especially on house shots - due to their ability to grip dry boards near pins and create friction. Furthermore, pearls tend to go further down before hooking which beginners often require since their head cannot stay up when oil levels are low during open bowling nights or league play.

Hybrid Core

Intel is testing "hybrid" cores in its upcoming Alder Lake chips, an effort to enhance performance and enable devices to scale up to 125-watt processors.

AMD uses a hybrid approach with their Core-class CPUs, where performance (P) cores are divided from efficiency (E) cores. This way, both types of cores can run the same workload and each can be optimized to work better in different situations.

Fortunately, the Alder Lake chip also utilizes Thread Director as a special feature to optimize hybrid performance. This technology is embedded directly in the chip and utilizes machine learning algorithms to schedule tasks on the right core at exactly the right time instead of relying on static rules.

As previously noted, the HYB utilizes the same Hustle core as other HP1 line balls but features a new hybrid coverstock.

The hybrid coverstock on the HYB ball is composed of two parts pearl and one part solid, finished with a 3000 grit pad for superior grip in light to medium oil conditions compared to other balls in the Hustle line.

In this scenario, the HYB is an ideal option for mid-block and shorter sport pattern players who want a cost-friendly ball that hooks more than other balls in the Hustle line. Additionally, it's suitable for bowlers seeking budget IQ Tour Solid but don't require true light oil ball performance.

One advantage of the HYB is its greater total hook than other HP1 line balls, as it picks up early. This provides it with more motion and control in the downlane compared to S/A/Y or Wreck-It but less control than Loco Solid and Pearl.

The Hustle H/Y and Hustle Au are ideal companions, as the HYB comes earlier, smoother, and stronger. It works well on late block patterns as well as short sport patterns. Furthermore, the Dream could potentially pair up well with the Hustle S/A/Y due to its earlier pick up speed but lack of recovery downlane like its bigger brother does.

Thrilled Solid Reactive Coverstock

Hustle's Thrilled Solid Reactive coverstock is a hybrid reactive bowling ball designed with high performance and cost efficiency in mind. This ball features an energy-storing symmetric core that helps the fronts propel the ball down the lane quickly, then utilizes that energy at the backend to move smoothly and predictably.

Hustle Psyched Solid Reactive coverstock features a 1500-grit polished finish for improved predictability down the lane and smoother ball passage through oil. Not only that, but this also increases durability by keeping your lane from drying out too quickly.

If you are unfamiliar with reactive coverstocks, it is essential to understand their reaction to the lane. Reactives use their energy earlier than pearls or sanded coverstocks do, thus resulting in less violent reactions and more skid down the lane for an accurate shot.

When selecting coverstock, the shape should be taken into account. A shiny pearl may offer more motion than a sanded solid or hybrid finish.

When selecting a ball for indoor use, the shape of its coverstock should also be taken into account. Some balls perform best on dry lanes while others may work better in slightly oilier conditions.

For instance, the Thrilled Hybrid will perform best on dry lane conditions while the Hustle USA is ideal for medium oiled lanes.

Match the coverstock to your lane conditions and game style. Some bowlers prefer using a ball with maximum motion, while others require something more mellow.

The Thrilled hybrid bowling ball is ideal for medium oiled lanes due to its Hustle core and VTC hybrid reactive coverstock combination. This mid-lane reactive choice offers great consistency, making it a great option for those seeking to improve their averages and gain some competition experience.

Hustle Symmetrical Core

The Hustle Symmetrical Core is an ideal option for those seeking a smoother, more controlled hook on the lanes. This core design has become popular among entry-level and mid-performance bowling balls due to its ability to provide increased control without sacrificing hook potential.

This core is ideal for bowlers new to the game or those with physical limitations that prevent them from throwing a heavy, high-RG ball. Additionally, it gives beginners an opportunity to learn how to throw with a high RG and lower differential before moving onto higher-end symmetrical and asymmetrical cores.

Asymmetrical balls possess two principal moments of inertia on their lane (X and Y axes) which produce smoother, more predictable motion when friction is present. This enables more layouts to be accomplished and offers controllable motion when exiting the pattern.

When you observe a bowling ball with an asymmetrical core, the design has three primary moments of inertia on-lane and produces more angular motion that may be difficult for beginners to master. However, this type of core design can provide good overall reaction when used correctly by the bowler.

The Roto Grip Hustle Ink is a reactive solid that has been popular with both experts and beginners alike. With its symmetrical core matched to an equally reactive coverstock, this shot groove-friendly grip helps new shooters stay in their shooting groove while allowing them to make adjustments tailored for their style of play.

Hustle Ink bowlers love the Hustle Ink because it provides them with a smooth and controllable motion that's much simpler to pick up and throw than most other reactive bowling balls. Plus, its symmetrical core design offers early angularity and hook potential when thrown properly - making it an ideal choice for novice bowlers just beginning to learn how to use a reactive solid.

This Hustle hybrid ball is an ideal addition to a starter's arsenal for light and medium oil conditions. It will hold its own in lanes, but will fade quickly in deep, complex oil patterns.

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