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We might be total strangers, but we do know a thing or two about how to make it work. Our experiences teach us the common obstacles and the lessons learned along the way. And we want to share them with you.

Famous Movie Moms: Disney and Pixar's Best Animated Mothers

How many mothers have emerged from a family trip to a Disney movie and been obliged to explain the facts of death to their sobbing young? A conservative estimate: the tens of millions, since the studio’s first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937. Innocent parents might have thought that a musical cartoon version of a fairy tale would be a child’s ideal introduction to movie magic. Yet Walt Disney taught moral lessons in the most useful way: by scaring the poop out of the little ones.

Top Five Disney and Pixar Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to take a look at some of Disney’s best mother characters. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many, as most of them are either dead for the majority of the film or pushed to the background, so I’ll also be including Pixar mothers. Characters introduced in sequels and spin-offs will be excluded, as well as characters from live-action films for simplicity. However, just as a mother can be biological or adoptive in real life, they are in fiction, too; sometimes mother and child are even members of different species.

The Sexualization of Moms: “the Incredibles,” Milfs and the Male Gaze

)Stacey’s Mom has got it goin’ on — or at least, the animated moms of Pixar do. Since the 1995 premiere of “Toy Story,” the world’s first animated film made using computer technology, Pixar has become a household name. The studio is best known for its animated children’s films, from “Finding Nemo” to their most recent release, “Luca.” The name Pixar has long been synonymous with childhood — and now? (Source:

Indeed, among the most endangered of all Disney denizens were mothers — a fact that should have terrified the kids sitting next to their own moms in a darkened movie house. (Keep holding her hand, little one, to make sure she’s still alive.) A young boy or girl was naturally invested in the adventures of the movies’ young heroes or heroines, and would infer that their mothers were his or her mother. So what happens? Bambi’s mother dies in an act of random violence. In Dumbo (1941), the circus elephant Mrs. Jumbo is the loving single mom of her baby Jumbo Jr., who has been derisively nicknamed because of his outsize ears. When a boy at one performance cruelly pulls on Dumbo’s ears, Mrs. J. stomps forward to protect him and inadvertently causes a stampede. She is consigned to a madhouse, and her child to a life of pachyderm vagabondage in the company of a helpful mouse and some jive-talking crows. (Source: time.com)



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