Pimp c

Pimp c

Let me begin with the question you’ve all been asking since yesterday: what is pimp c?


Chad Lamont Butler (December 29, 1973 – December 4, 2007), better known by his stage name Pimp C, was an American rapper and record producer. He was best known for his work with Bun B as one half of the Underground Kingz (UGK).

Pimp C was found dead in his hotel room on December 4, 2007, with a coroner's report allegedly attributing his death to complications stemming from heavy consumption of purple drank and his pre-existing condition of sleep apnea.

On August 7, 2007, UGK reunited to release their eponymous fifth studio album, debuting at #1 on both the Billboard 200 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The album was the last UGK album released during Pimp C's lifetime, and spawned the hit single "International Players Anthem (I Choose You)", and received universal acclaim from critics. (Source:

According to DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, he got a call from Pimp C's manager, Rick Martin, who gave him the news. He went in there and saw Pimp C's body, DJ Paul says of Pimp C: "He was laying down like he was praying but there was blood around like he was shot. They thought he was shot in the head, but they didn't know what the hell happened because there was blood everywhere. They thought he was shot. He was knelt down like he was praying and the candles were all the way burnt down, so they knew he'd probably been dead for a day or so because he always lit those candles to sleep. He lit those big tall candles and they had been burnt down so he probably was dead for a while. We did the song "Rest In Peace" and that was the last song he recorded." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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