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This Christmas, and every Christmas, almost every member of my family sends a Christmas card. I like to make one myself and take it to the post office, but this year I found a website that will make the cards for me. It takes about a minute and there isn’t much work involved. Then you get the perfect card that looks like it came from your grandpas mail box.


On July 11, 2018, news outlets reported that during a conference call with Papa Johns' marketing agency Laundry Service, Schnatter had used the word "nigger" by saying "Colonel Sanders called blacks niggers and Sanders never faced public backlash." Schnatter said that referencing the quote by the KFC founder was meant to convey his dislike for racism. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Schnatter agreed to dismiss two lawsuits filed against the company and to withdraw his plan to run for a seat on the board at the annual meeting. Papa John's agreed to remove the "acting in concert" provisions from its "poison pill" plan that prevented Schnatter from communicating with other company shareholders. He also had issues with racial slurs, after reportedly using the, "N-word" in an interview. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The company was the former beneficiary of the naming rights to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium used by the University of Louisville's football team, in exchange for Schnatter personally donating $5 million for the rights. (Source: en.wikipedia.org A media report surfaced on July 11, 2018, claiming that Schnatter had used a racial epithet in a conference call the previous May, along with graphic descriptions of violence against racial minorities. Forbes magazine reported that a media agency working with Papa John's severed its relationship with the company following the report. Steve Ritchie, who had replaced Schnatter as CEO, responded with a memo stating that "racism has no place at Papa John's," and a company spokesman wrote in an email that Papa John's "condemns racism". (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

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"Papa John's founder Schnatter resigns over N-word use". BBC News Online. July 12, 2018. Retrieved July 12, 2018. (Source: en.wikipedia.org "Papa John's Fires Employee For Using Racial Slur To ID Korean Woman On Receipt". WCBS-TV. January 8, 2012. Retrieved January 17, 2015. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

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The Papa Johns Pizza app is for use at U.S. locations only. (Source: play.google.com Jo Jones used to say that he knew nothing of technique, but rather “played the people and the experiences” that shaped his life as a person as well as a musician. Still, he did employ “tricks” that were all his own. In the January 1984 MD cover story on Jo, author Chip Stern described seeing the master play late in his life. (Source:www.moderndrummer.com))

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