Offerup los angeles

Offerup los angeles

Offerup los angeles

OfferUp is an app that helps connects buyers and sellers on the go. Whether you’re in a store or on the street, you can rely on OfferUp to help you find the perfect item or person. With an innovative approach to connecting people and the latest tech, we aim to help one million people find their dream item each year.Offerup is an online service that matches users and sellers to make online transactions easy


TrueFlip is a brand new app that launched in April 2017 and it’s already changing how people sell in their area and online. They’re unique due to the fact that they eliminate the need to ship a box or meet a stranger. Once your item sells on Trueflip, they send a courier to pickup your item, inspect the item, and delivers it to the shopper in 2 days or less. For that alone, we gave them a straight 10/10 for safety and seamlessness.

So to put an end to this debate about which app is the best buy/sell app, we put it out there. Polling more than 6000 people in the LA area, we asked which app has been the most successful for them; we also took safety, seamlessness, and overall item quality into consideration as well. (Source: stacked.webflow.io)


Offerup launched in 2011 and it pretty much made a Craigslist experience mobile. Offerup is really great for furniture, all other things you may not have much luck… however, you will get plenty of people messaging you! A 6/10 for quick sale! If we’re being honest, from the people we interviewed they indicated that furniture finds were great, but dealing with people on here was rough. They had a lot of experience with flakes, a tremendous amount of low-ballers, and people trying to pay with counterfeit cash. Safety and seamless score a 3/10.

They also offer temporary location sharing, which does help make the meetup process easier than Offerup or Craigslist. The fact that it is on the facebook app is a plus too! The implications of meeting up are still there and that’s really hard to combat without any logistics. A 5/10 for seamlessness. Overall, if you don’t mind meeting up with strangers, Facebook marketplace is a good option. (Source: stacked.webflow.io)



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