Norfolk Terrier`

Norfolk Terrier`

Norfolk Terrier

A Norfolk Terrier is a very intelligent and social dog. They’re well known for their handsome coat and long well-furred tail. And they’re also known for their hard work getting to the point where they’re the boss.

Until 1964, what we now know as the Norfolk Terrier and the Norwich Terrier were both shown as the Norwich Terrier. This breed, recognised in 1932 had two permissible types of ear, the drop eared variety now known as the Norfolk and the prick eared variety now known as the Norwich. They are the smallest of the terrier breeds but with great substance for their size and characters to match.

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Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Norfolk Terrier is a strong, sturdy, short, little dog. The head is slightly rounded, and wide with a good amount of space between the ears. The wedge-shaped muzzle is strong, with a well-defined stop. The small, oval shaped eyes are dark in color. The ears are small, hanging tight to the cheeks. The legs are straight and the feet are round with black toenails. The medium-sized tail is set high, level with the topline and is usually docked by half. Note: it is illegal to dock tails in most of Europe. The wiry, straight coat is about one and a half to two inches long. Coat colors include red, wheaten, tan, black and tan, or grizzle with or without dark points and occasionally with white markings

The Norfolk Terrier Club – Welcome to the Only Norfolk Terrier Club Affiliated With the Akc.

The Norfolk Terrier, game and hardy, with expressive dropped ears, is one of the smallest of the working terriers. It is active and compact, free-moving, with good substance and bone. With it's natural, weather-resistant coat and short legs, it is a "perfect demon" in the field. This versatile, agreeable breed can go to ground, bolt a fox and tackle and dispatch other small vermin, working alone or with a pack.


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