Nle Choppa.

Nle Choppa.

Nle Choppa

Nle Choppa, the 15-year-old rapper who was severely injured and almost killed in a drive-by shooting earlier this year on Chicago's West Side, has announced he is releasing a new song, “Not Enough,” produced by EDM superstar Zeds Dead.

Nle Choppa: the 16-Year-Old Memphis Rapper Will Be a Star

There’s a scene in the 1985 movie Krush Groove, the fictionalized version of Def Jam’s rise, where a teenage LL Cool J barges into the Def Jam label office and demands an audition. The guys in the office try to kick him out, but LL bellows the word “box!” and then spends the next few seconds rapping “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” at Rick Rubin and Run-D.M.C. Everyone is suitably impressed, as they should be. Krush Groove is a legitimately terrible movie, but that one short scene of LL Cool J in his young-lion form is absolutely electric. You can practically see the stardom bursting out of him

Nle Choppa Started Rapping in His Freshman Year in High School

Before he began focusing on his flow, Choppa was heavily into basketball and was the star point guard on his high school basketball team. He picked up rapping as a hobby with his friends during his freshman year but it wasn’t until 2018 that he started taking it seriously. “I was recording stuff, but I guess it wasn’t good music. Now, I guess I’m making stuff that people actually want to hear,” he told XXL in June 2019. “I started taking it seriously after I found out I could actually do good with it. The first single I dropped went viral. After that, I know I can get to work.”

www.bet.com)He Turned Down a $3 MillionFollowing the viral breakout success of “Shotta Flow” in 2019, record labels came knocking on Choppa’s. However, in a February 2019 profile, a then-16-year-old Choppa told Billboard that he turned down all of those offers. Instead, the Memphis rap sensation chose to enter a distribution partnership with UnitedMasters, Steve Stoute’s independent distribution company. Though that meant he forewent a customary advance, the deal allowed him to retain full ownership of his master recordings. (Source: Record Deal.

While the Influence of His Tennessee Upbringing Can Be Felt in His Music, Nle Choppa Also Has RootSpeaking to Side Door Magazine in August, Choppa revealed that his mother and grandmother hail from the Carribean island. “I listened to a lot of Jamaican vibes growing up. A lot of Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, but also, Lil Wayne and Tupac. My Mom and my Pops liked Tupac a lot. I always liked making the “vibe music” more ‘cause I feel like you can get more creative on it,” he said. “Memphis is for sure like the grimey. In my hype music, the Memphis comes out of me – but when I try to vibe, I feel the Caribbean culture come out.” In fact, in a separate interview with NME, Choppa revealed that he won a dance competition in Jamaica when he was six years old. .



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