Nikole mitchell husband

Nikole mitchell husband

Nikole mitchell

Nikole Mitchell works with the group of people known as houseless people or houseless known as houseless or homeless. They live on the street, in tents, abandoned buildings, cars, and under bridges, etc.


Nikole Mitchell is an American woman who describes herself as a “Pastor-turned-Stripper & Life Coach

Nikole Mitchell, an Orange County, California, pastor turned bisexual stripper, has proudly proclaimed in a year’s-end Instagram post that in 2020 her “dreams came true,” the Daily Star reports. (Source: knewz.com) knewz.com)During her pastor days, stripper extraordinaire Nikole Mitchell once claimed that she was “dating Jesus.” (Source:Mitchell says ditching her pastor robes in favor of nothing at all has brought her fame and fortun

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