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Nike tech

nike's ipod touch shoes are stunningly rendered onscreen, with an amazing sense of movement. Just imagine how good it would be to have parkour training without risk of injuries. Can't wait to see what happens when Nike perfects their amazing technology in sneakers. Imagine Nike finding a way to design a video game without giving control to the player.


It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that traditional athletic wear manufacturers would take notice of the trend, which is what Nike did with its Tech Fleece sweatpant, which have grown a cult following since they were released.

All this buzz was enough to get me interested, and conveniently, Business Insider's office is right next to the 5th Avenue Nike store, so I recently walked over to see if they had any of the pants in stock. Mike Fish, who works at the store, told me that the pants sell so well that whenever a new shipment comes in, people buy several pairs, and then call their friends to tell them they're available. (Source: www.businessinsider.com)

He also said that the pants are one of Nike's most popular items both domestically and internationally. I tried them on (Fish recommended going one size up from your usual) and immediately saw what the hype was all about. The fit from the ankle through the knee was slim, but flexible enough that running in them wouldn't be a problem. They fit well around my thighs and waist. The material was light but felt sturdy, and the pockets were functional.From performance gear to digital strategy, Nike Sportswear embodies the latest and greatest in cutting-edge innovation. But in 2015, they were falling behind in ecommerce sales. It was time to innovate again. So the sportswear giant partnered with us to digitally transform their online and offline retail businesses through Tech Book — the brand’s first ever interactive lookbook app

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