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Why Newsmax Is Failing, Explained by an Exper

Former President Donald Trump gave a speech over the weekend, but you might not have known it even if you are a regular Fox News viewer. Instead, you would’ve had to turn to Newsmax, the right-wing cable news channel that’s sticking to its old-school strategy of being the Trumpiest channel on TV.

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Voting Software Company Smartmatic Sues Newsmax and Oa

Voting software company Smartmatic filed defamation suits Wednesday against right-wing TV channels Newsmax and One America News for falsely claiming the firm was involved in rigging the 2020 presidential election in favor of President Biden. (

In November 2017, Politico reported that Fox News, facing new competitors, was giving more favorable coverage to President Donald Trump. In an interview, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy criticized Fox News' hosts unwillingness to criticize President Donald Trump, telling Politico that "Newsmax is very supportive of the president, but we also will publish things that are critical of him time to time," Ruddy said. "Fox seems to have decided to become very closely aligned, which seems unnatural, and it doesn't seem consistent.

Newsmax Adria [Wikidata] is a partnership between Newsmax Media and United Media that began operating in June 2020. The new partnership operates in most of the former Yugoslavian countries. It produces a newly retitled daily news bulletins Dnevnik Newsmax Adria on Nova BH in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and evening magazine program Pregled dana on Nova S in Serbia. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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