New York vs Los Angeles

New York vs Los Angeles

New York vs Los Angeles

New York is the undisputed favorite destination for most of the world's elite. Los Angeles throws an amazing party with the motto "Hollywood, take one". , and has served as the backdrop to some of the most influential moments in modern history. If you want to find your inner self, you've just got to explore the world's largest city. stars of the silver screen and reality TV, Jay-Z and Beyoncé and last but not least, a Guinness World Record holder of the most expensive home in the world, a stunning villa in the Hollywood Hills across from the Beverly Hills Hotel . See the miracles of new york city and


When it comes to the cost of public transport, LA is less expensive, but you will need to use your private car to get around. A Metro ride costs $1.75, while a bus ride will cost 50 cents per ride. A 30-day pass will cost $100, which includes most bus lines and metro. Having said it all, you’ll need your transport to live in LA, and that’s where the costs can come in. If you incorporate expenses related to private transport like payments on a used car, gas, insurance, and monthly registration fee, you would be incurring as much as $500 a month in car expenses.

In addition to it all, let us appreciate that New York is very walkable. In NYC, walking and public transit are a way of life. You can reach almost any point in the city without a need to drive. You would not feel any compulsion to buy a private car in NYC. So, you might not take a ride and just walk to your destination. When you take all of this into account, NYC is the cheaper option for transportation. (Source: www.nyrentownsell.com)


To truly make that a reality you need to keep your car costs down and live outside the most popular neighborhoods in town (sorry, West Hollywood and Santa Monica), but you can live an incredibly comfortable life with an herb garden, a lemon tree, and an insanely low electric bill (you barely need the heat or the AC!) if you play your cards right.

The city of Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities on Earth. The city is home to people from about 140 countries. The city is also home to individuals that speak an accumulated 86 languages. Because of its immigrant-friendly laws, Los Angeles is famous to those that want to find a better life in the US. (Source: combadi.com)


It is without any doubt that there is a lot of competition in New York than in other cities of the United States. New York hosts opportunities for those who want to work on their dreams and work hard to achieve them. Gotham is a city full of opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Every single day, people achieve their dreams and goals.

If you get tired or bored of the same section of town. Hop on the subway and escape to another state for changed vibes. If you don’t want to take the subway, you can catch a bus, ride CityBike, walk or take an Uber. If you get bored of the same local pizzeria, you can try 100s of different pizza parlors throughout the city. (Source: newyorkspaces.com)


The Big Apple versus The Big Orange. The City of Dreams versus The City of Angels. I’m referring, of course, to the ongoing rivalry between New York City and Los Angeles. Hilarious “survey” videos and talk shows will give you one picture of the cities. My colleagues and I decided to take a more serious look at the differences between the cities, so we studied what everyone else was talking about – on Twitter.

The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Station, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, etc. The list of landmarks goes on that you can visit and discover the magnificent treasures of architecture in NYC. For your kids, you can visit popular zoos such as Bronx Zoo, Prospect Zoo, Staten Island Zoo, Queens Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and the biggest aquarium New York Aquarium also known as Coney Island Aquarium. (Source: newyorkspaces.com)





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