Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada Alexander Musk

Musk, the entrepreneur and Tesla founder, has built a larger-than-life personality, less by capitalizing on his background in engineering than by embellishing his old-fashioned rags-to-riches-to-rags story, despite the fact that he was born in South Africa and the majority of his life has been spent in the United States.


Nevada Alexander Musk was born in 2002, in Orange County, California, USA, and was best known as the firstborn of technology investor Elon Musk. His father would become the creator and founder of numerous companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, Neuralink, Paypal, and The Boring Company.

Tesla head and Space X chief engineer Elon Musk is all set to make his debut as a host on 'Saturday Night Live' on May 8, 2021. Everything might be sorted except the jokes part but rest assured, the billionaire is just about ready to host the evening — he reached out to his Twitter followers asking for skit suggestions. (Source: meaww.com)


Just a year ago on May 5, 2020, Musk and his girlfriend Grimes welcomed their first son. The child was reportedly named X AE A-XII — "X" as a first name and "AE A-XII" as a middle name. All in all, Musk has 7 kids. With his first wife, Canadian author Justine Wilson, Musk shares the custody of five sons. They got married in 2000 and separated in 2008. Their first son, Nevada Alexander Musk, was born in 2002. Unfortunately, he would tragically die at the age of 10 weeks.

Tesla chief Elon Musk's son Nevada Alexander Musk is being discussed on the internet once again. Nevada Alexander Musk died as an infant and his father Elon Musk doesn't talk about it. Reportedly, Musk had called his wife's grieving the death of her son 'emotionally manipulative,' according to Justin Wilson. The Space-X chief had also made it clear that he didn't want to discuss his son Nevada's death death. (Source: www.ibtimes.sg)


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"Elon made it clear that he did not want to talk about Nevada's death," Justine Wilson had written in an article for Marie Claire. "I didn't understand this, just as he didn't understand why I grieved openly, which he regarded as 'emotionally manipulative'. I buried my feelings instead, coping with Nevada's death by making my first visit to an IVF clinic less than 2 months later. Elon and I planned to get pregnant again as swiftly as possible." (Source: meaww.com)



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