Natalie noel house

Natalie noel house

Natalie Noel

An award-winning writer and freelance public relations specialist turned digital nomad, Natalie Noel prides herself on precision, honesty, and initiative. In this interview, she shares the skillsets she uses to be a top-performing content creator, from speaking crisply to choosing careful industry relationships.



She gained huge fame through her social media handles. As of July 2021, there are more than 3.8 million followers on her official Instagram account. Being a PA to David Dobrik, Noel has also appeared in various Youtube videos of David. (Source: www.newsunzip.com Let me tell you that David is a famous Youtube star and vlogger. She has also appeared in some of his Youtube videos. Apart from this, Natalie also serves the position of a fashion model. (Source:www.newsunzip.com))

In 2020, rumors surfaced that David and Natalie were dating. The rumors happened during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders. However, David and Natalie addressed the rumors and said they weren’t true. David posted a YouTube video about it.

This took place after Dom Zeglaitis uploaded his latest YouTube video, where he spoke in detail about the night he allegedly assaulted an underage inebriated woman. (Source: www.sportskeeda.com www.sportskeeda.com))David Dobrik's former Public Relations person Cassandra Ramos, who also appeared in Dom Zeglaitis' video slamming the YouTube star, took to her Instagram stories to answer fan questions about the Vlog Squad. She answered several questions about Natalie Noel, one of the most popular members of the group.

Cassandra Ramos has been actively answering fan questions about David Dobrik and his friend group since Dom Zeglaitis uploaded his video on YouTube two days ago. (Source: www.sportskeeda.com)

www.sportskeeda.com www.sportskeeda.com))David Dobrik drama: Video of TikToker accusing Vlog Squad's 'Durte Dom' of forcing himself on "Not funny at all": David Dobrik makes assistant Natalie Mariduena bleed in viral video, leaves the internet divided

On the contrary, David Dobrik Assistant’s beauty and coolness also make her appear iconic in the videos. In one of the videos, David Dobrik rubbishes the notion held by most people that he and Natalie could be dating. Things are bound to be revealed sooner or later. (Source: youtuberfacts.com

In early 2021, Noel and David moved to a different house from the one they used to live in. She invited a top interior designer to do a makeover for her bedroom, which she loved, and a video of the whole process was posted on YouTube. (Source: www.legit.ng www.legit.ng))The videos are shot from different locations including David’s housNoel's journey to fame started when she became David Dobrik's assistant. She has since appeared in several of David's videos, and her fans love her for her warm personality and humour. She quickly became a part of Dobrik's adored 'Vlog Squad.'

Many people have raised the question of whether David and Noel have dated because of the chemistry the pair seems to portray in their videos and photos together. In a previous interview, Dobrik admitted that he had a slight crush on Natalie in high school. Their relationship grew, not romantically, but as great friends and colleagues.

ets and inside a moving vehicle with David being behind the wheels most often. Some locations remain undisclosed. In the videos, Natalie sometimes cuts the image of this laid back and cool lass amongst a bunch of hyperactive men. (Source:youtuberfacts.com))


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