Myspace was the first social networking website. Started in 2003, the website was initially created by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe as a social network for teenagers. It had a youthful, unprofessional look defined by its minimalist design. Other social networks soon surpassed its popularity and it eventually failed. Myspace is not only significant in the history of social networks, but also because it came before Facebook who took over the market.

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…right to sell ads on MySpace.com. In 2007 Google made its largest acquisition to date, buying online advertising firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. Two years later the company responded to the explosive growth of the mobile applications market with a $750 million deal to acquire the mobile advertising network AdMob.

Should I Allow My Child to Have a Myspace Account?

This decision is best left to the parent. However, with the popularity of Myspace, especially among students, it is inevitable that if your child wants a Myspace account, they'll set one up. Parents should take an active roll with their children if this is something they're interested in doing and make sure you and your child sets up a private profile (explained below). If however, you believe this is not something your child should participate in, consider an Internet filter or other software designed to block Myspace from your home computer.

In October 2010, Myspace introduced a beta version of a new site design on a limited scale, with plans to switch all interested users to the new site in late November. Chief executive Mike Jones said the site was no longer competing with Facebook as a general social networking site. Instead, Myspace would be music-oriented and would target younger people. Jones believed most younger users would continue to use the site after the redesign, though older users might not. The goal of the redesign was to increase the number of Myspace users and how long they spend there. BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said, "Most investors have written off MySpace now," and he was unsure whether the changes would help the company recover. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

How Do I Make My Profile Private?

After logging into Myspace from your Home, click the Account Settings link. Within Account Settings, click the Privacy Settings link. In the Privacy Settings, you'll be able to adjust all your settings, including making your profile private by clicking My Friends Only.

“You can do that on Spotify now … but that was so unique. It was a very special deal: we paid about $10m a year to get that deal, just to have the deal, and then we paid for all of the usage as well. That was something we had that nobody else had. We brokered that deal early on with the labels, and nobody else could get even close. We should have gone all-in on music and cut ship on everything else.” (Source: www.theguardian.com)



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