Mixer Paddle Attachment:

Mixer Paddle Attachment:

Mixer Paddle Attachment:

2. Use a Food Processor for Chopping, Grinding, or Blending Things Into a Thick, Coarse Paste-Like Mixture.

The shredding disk doesn't actually mix anything. It's used to grate fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Let's say you have a peeled carrot, for example. You turn on the machine with the shredded disk attachment fitted on it, then feed the carrot through the tube at the top of the food processor, and it gets shredded. You can do this with cabbage to make coleslaw, raw potatoes to make latkes, or cheese when you need tons of grated cheese. (Source: tasty.co)

homeandstyle.co.uk)What Is the Paddle Aside from creaming butter and sugar, paddle attachments can combine normal to heavy mixtures of ingredients. It is a multi-purpose attachment and is the most commonly used attachment on a stand mixer. (Source:Attachment Used For?

Stand Mixers Vs Hand Mixers: Which One Should You Use?

A hand mixer and a stand mixer kitchen appliance can accomplish the same mixing tasks. The main difference between the two is the size. A hand mixer is much smaller in size and is best used for smaller mixtures. On the other hand, a stand mixer is much larger and provides excellent help with larger mixtures and thicker batters and doughs. (Source: homeandstyle.co.uk)

The differences are SIZE (hand mixers are better for mixing smaller quantities, since you can scrape the bowl down with the beaters as you go, ensuring even mixing) and EFFORT (you can walk away from a stand mixer while it works, but you have to hold a hand mixer and the bowl, which makes it less ideal for things that take a while to whip, like egg whites, or kneading dough). And of course, hand mixers make for easier cleanup. But really, you can do anything with a hand mixer that you can do with a stand mixer (not counting all of the next-level stand mixer attachments like pasta roller and meat grinders, which essentially transform it into a different machine). (Source: tasty.co)


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