Miniature schnauzer for sale craigslist

Miniature schnauzer for sale craigslist

Miniature schnauzer for sale craigslist

This is a blog post that I’ve seen before…


An Albuquerque family who bought a puppy off Craigslist found out just hours later the puppy was dying and the vet records were forged. The family hopes this serves as a warning to anyone buying a pet online.

After searching on Craigslist, Preciado says on Friday, they finally came across the perfect puppy: a miniature schnauzer for $350. She met up with the seller at the Dion’s on Coors and Montano. (Source: www.krqe.com)


We would like to share a picture of our family to give you a visual understanding of who we are. We view our schnauzer puppies and adoption process as a family affair. As responsible , Each mini schnauzer that finds its new home is an extension our family. Our cutting edge health testing, comprehensive socialization program, and continued adopter support are all done to provide the best possible experience for the families that receive our schnauzers. We understand that purchasing a new puppy is one of the more important decisions you will make. We welcome you to do some background research on us.

​Early Neurological Stimulation is a technique to improve the long term ability of dogs to adjust to change and build upon socialization to changing stimuli. The training we follow was researched and created by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia. Every puppy is introduced daily to new experiences and stimulation that help develop their behavior and personality. Each Schnauzer puppy is introduced to other dogs, children, and (approved) strangers. Experiences like bath time and walk time help each puppy develop the necessary confidence to help it positively respond to “trigger” environments where negative behavior might be a temptation. Many behavior issues that adult dogs develop are directly related to their experiences as a puppy. By creating positive, developmental experiences, we ensure our Mini Schnauzer puppies for sale develop into confident, well rounded adults. (Source:www.fernwehschnauzers.com)

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