Mike and Molly:

Mike and Molly:

Mike and Molly:

ike and MollyParenBest Movie Lists (Source:This show has some adult stuff in it. Mild sexual talks and talks about relationships are made. (Source:wow its nice to see a show about big people and that it isnt that dirty is just another plus i watch every week its just so funny you cant help but watch it i love love love this show bye now . (Source:I'm constantly disappointed by this show. I really enjoy Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell and think they are very funny. The supporting cast is great, too, BUT I've watched two episodes where Molly and her sister get high. On the most recent one, the sister was actually smoking a bong at a spring break episode. Billy Gardell's character is a policeman and he acts like it's no big deal, too. I know they are both supposed to be loser-like characters making it through life but when did we decide that smoking marijuana was just a casual thing? I know there are states that are trying to legalize MJ, but this is not the norm and it's yet again another way for Hollywood to marginalize the facts and impact of drugs. I'm really tired of it and long for the days of the Cosby Show where a strong family unit dealt with real life challenges with humor, self respect and taking responsibility for one's actions. Very disappointed in M&M. (Source:t Reviews for Mike & Molly

Too Much Sex, Too Little Comedy.

It seems to be obsessed with sex, drugs, and drowning your problems in addictions of any kind. And I should know. I've been forced to watch every lame, sex-addicted episode.

In the season one episode, "Molly Gets a Hat," Mike's mother Peggy gives Molly a hat as a present of goodwill. When Molly doesn't like the hat, Mike gives the hat to his police partner Carl's grandma. Carl tells Mike that his grandma loves ugly hats and that she has one that looks like Bert and Ernie in a caged match.

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"Mike and Molly" stars Melissa McCarthy (L) and Billy Gardell arrive at the 2010 CBS Up Front in May 2010. "Mike & Molly" will start airing on Nick at Nite. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

Nick at Nite will start to air the hit sitcom Mike & Molly weeknights between 2am-4am from Monday, October 4! (Source: www.nickalive.net)

New weekly claims fall to 199,000, far less than the expected 260,000 (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

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Nordstrom Stock Tumbles After Weak Earnings, Warnings of Supply Chain Shortages

Yahoo Finance Live's Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman break down how Nordstrom stock is dropping after falling short on earnings amid supply chain issues. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

The cryptocurrency fell almost 40% from its value in a week, but good news may be coming that could buoy it again. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

There may be a second wave of COVID-19 vaccines coming. With the hopes of widespread approval of each company's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) is already up nearly 90% year to date while Ocugen (NASDAQ: OCGN) is up over 300% in the same time frame. Patrick Bafuma: To begin, let's take a look at Novavax. 

There's no doubt that the GE Healthcare spinoff and the portion of the company that won't get spun off will be the stronger two, but I think the third business will be the most interesting. Here's why investors should not be quick to dismiss the combination of GE Power, GE Renewable Energy, and GE Digital. As a reminder, GE's plans involve spinning off GE Healthcare in early 2023 (with GE retaining a 19.9% stake in the new company), and then combining GE Power, GE Renewable Energy, and GE Digital into one business and spinning that off in 2024. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

Dow Jones Gains As Biden Taps Oil Reserves, Donald Trump Spac Dives; Warren Buffett Stock Melts

The Dow Jones gained. Oil stocks bubbled as Joe Biden tapped reserves. The Donald Trump SPAC took a dive. A Warren Buffett stock fell. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

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