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Michael Tracey

If you want to be part of the biggest trends in culture, arts, and entertainment, one of the best ways to do so is to follow successful content creators. You can learn a lot from them without even realizing you’re learning. Michael Tracey is a writer and a content creator in a myriad of fields from fashion, lifestyle, and feminism to gaming, gaming, and cyber culture.

How AOC "Emotionally Manipulated" The Entire Democratic Party To Do Her BiddingBack in February of this year, a minor frenzy erupted online when I made an observation which in the ensuing months has proven ever-more obviously true: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as “AOC,” is a highly skilled practitioner of “emotional manipulation (Source:

Professor Michael Tracey has been a professor at CU Boulder since 1988. He received his doctorate from the Centre for Mass Communications Research at the University of Leicester (UK) and then served as a research fellow at the Leicester Centre. From 1981 to 1988 he was head of the London-based Broadcasting Research Unit.

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An article published in Tablet in 2020 described him and other journalists, such as Lee Fang and Zaid Jilani, as "left heretics"—defined as people who hail from the left of politics but are widely disliked by mainstream leftists because they deviate from consensus on certain issues, notably freedom of speech and identity politics. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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Congress is increasingly not a place where the average member partakes in what’s generally understood as legislative activity, but rather engages in a variety of elaborate self-promotional exercises. The diminishment in the power of average House Members (as opposed to Party leaders who run their respective caucuses like fiefdoms) has…

Who Is Michael Tracey?

Michael Tracey is an independent journalist best know for his contrarian remarks on Twitter. Boasting more than 183,000 followers, Tracey has been referred to by some as a “Left Heretic,” a term used for self-described liberals who oppose, among other things, what they deem to be “identity politics.” (Source: www.dailydot.com)



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