Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan


Michael Reagan is a writer, lecturer, and the son of President Ronald Reagan. Even before his father was president, Michael Reagan was an accomplished author. He wrote a number of novels and non-fiction essays as well as screenplays and television scripts.

“People forget that before I was Ronald Reagan’s son, I was Jane Wyman’s son,” Michael Reagan tells Scott Ross of The 700 Club. “She was the big deal in the ‘40s and ‘50s. It wasn’t until my dad got into politics and did the Barry Goldwater speech that people said, ‘Oh, that’s Ronald Reagan.’ So I went from being Jane Wyman’s son to Ronald Reagan’s son.” (Source: www.cbn.com)


In this memoir, Michael Reagan tells his own story from the perspective of an adoptive parent, of his love for his two daughters who were adopted from Russia and met with the complicated issues of Putin-era Russia. Beginning with the story of his own adoption and meeting his surrogate mom as a six-year-old, to his experiences growing up in the 1960s, Reagan dives into the tumultuous late twentieth century and the miracles and misfortunes his daughters experienced.

Michael was the son of Hollywood elite. From all appearances, he led a charmed life. But you know the old saying: appearances can be deceiving. Jane Wyman and Ronald Reagan divorced in 1948. That meant boarding school for six-year-old Michael and his older sister Maureen. (Source: www.cbn.com)


Michael Reagan is an author and son of late President Ronald Reagan. He is best known for his book, "My Father at 100: A Portrait in Words of a Remarkable Man" which was chosen for the annual Battle Creek Public Library Author Series. President Reagan's precise printed diction stuns across page after page of black ink. Reagan, who has also served as a talk show host, at one time served as the Provost of nearby Hillsdale College.

No. It’s interesting, people make movies or write books about my dad but never call any members of the family to find out the backstories. (Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com)


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