Mercadito de los angeles

Mercadito de los angeles

Mercadito de los angeles

It’s time to re-evaluate your city. Mercadito de Los Angeles is an online marketplace selling everything handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. They offer hand-made baskets, coffee, clothing, and jewelry that is, as they say, “Los Angeles at its best”. Having access to the entire city was important to the Mercadito founders, but they focused on Downtown because that is where the people are. They want


Anything you need from México you can find here. Located off of 1st street and Lorena its like tiangis. I've botten chanclas, guayaveras, embroidered dresses, headbands, Mexican dulce and even mole. Yes, mole and all kinds not just your basic already made in a paste so you don't have to do the dirty work. They also have a restaurant on the 2nd level where you can find more spices Mexicanas and a Mexican restaurant with mariachi. As kids, we used to come here with our parents. Now I live near hear and enjoy just scrolling around nostalgia. They also have delicious Aguas frescos, fried plantains, crepes, churros, and buñuelos. Right now during covid you'll find some stores set up in the parking lot. There's plenty of parking on the street and in the lots. It tends to get really busy on weekends and especially during Xmas.

is a market located in Boyle Heights on the corner of 1st Street and Lorena Street. El Mercado is a three-floor indoor shopping center that offers dining and restaurant services, entertainment with live mariachi bands and shopping from various vendors. The market is located by the Metro Gold Line's Indiana Station located two blocks east. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


I am part Mexican and coming to El Mercadito de Los Angeles always makes me feel at home. There is, what seems like unlimited food, everything you can possibly think of. I believe it is in the second floor where they sell gorditas de Michoacán, and let me tell you.. AMAZING!! I went for a walk and seeing all the vendors and they were selling huaraches (sandals) and you know I had to buy myself some. Then after, they have the perfect antojitos for when you are about to leave like a mangonadas, esquites, and many more!! Just writing this made my mouth watery lol but yes I highly recommend.

At “El Mercadito”, many of the food vendors are located on the market's second floor. Some specialize in a variety of hot chiles, spices, and moles. Huge buckets of mole paste come from México to be sold at the market. Mole verde and rojo from Guerrero, mole negro or colorado from Oaxaca, mole poblano, and many others. You can buy mole here by weight, add some broth and a protein to it, and you’ve got an entire meal. (Source:www.kcet.org)




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