Medical Scribe Resume

Medical Scribe Resume

Medical Scribe Resume

Practicing clinical medicine is a demanding profession, and there is no shortage of opportunities. Every day thousands of physicians apply online for jobs, and there are always more near-term options. There are many benefits to having a resume that looks as good as it performs.


To perform the job successfully, these skills will prove to be resourceful – proficiency in typing, spelling, and vocabulary; good understanding of medical terminologies, pharmacology, treatment assessments, and diagnostic procedures; reasoning abilities and ability to comply with HIPAA confidentiality standards. Those interested in this Medicine post must have at least a college degree or be currently enrolled in a related degree program.

When listing your education, be sure to include relevant information for each school, such as field of study (if applicable), date the degree was earned or is expected, GPA, extracurricular activities, and any coursework that is relevant to the job you are applying for. Coursework relevant to medical scribing may include biology and chemistry courses, medical terminology courses, healthcare administration courses, psychology courses, and any other classes that may help you better perform your job as a scribe. (Source: medicalscribes.org)


A certificate received for completing a medical scribe training course is an excellent item to list on your resume when applying for a scribe position. Completing a ER scribe training course before even applying shows a great dedication and desire to learn. Even if you will be trained upon hiring, having prior training will make it much easier to keep ahead of the curve once you are in the clinic. A medical scribe training certificate shows scribe recruiters that you already have a lot of the knowledge you will need to be an efficient scribe and that you are enthusiastic about gaining experience in the healthcare field.

When listing your responsibilities for each position, begin each bullet point with an active verb. Active verbs are descriptive and specific, allowing you to express the skills you applied to succeed in each of your roles. Additionally, quantify your successes when possible. For example, state the number of reports you wrote on average each week to add specificity to your points. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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