Mcdonalds Resume

Mcdonalds Resume

Mcdonalds Resume

A resume is a functional document that shows a person's education, skills, work history, and any certifications or designations they have. McDonalds presents a clear, unembellished resume online. All the information is easy to find without having to scroll through the company's website.


Those interested in joining the McDonalds crew should be able to demonstrate the following skills and abilities – knowledge of cooking all McDonald’s menu items, adherence to dress code and sanitation rules, professional appearance, the ability to communicate well with customers, and skillful in operating cash registers. Formal education is not necessarily needed.

The skills section should be led by the standout skills of an excellent employee rather than the obvious skills of an average one. Read the job description carefully and select the skills that will set you apart from your fellow employees and allow you to excel. Include a balance of soft and hard skills and keep reminding yourself to put the customer at the centre of everything that you write. Multitasking, flexibility, teamwork, dispute resolution and customer service should feature on every McDonalds resume irrespective of the position. There’s a Mcdonalds resume example for the skills section below for your inspiration. (Source: resume.io)


The minimum requirement for a crew member applicant is a High School diploma/GED. If you are aiming for a promotion or a managerial position, an Associate’s degree in business administration or Hotel and Restaurant Management is preferred. At McDonald’s, there are other career opportunities outside their restaurants. If you wish to qualify for positions offered in their IT, Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance/Accounting departments, you need to complete a related degree.

McDonalds Crew members prepare and serve food. Their duties include showing enthusiasm; smiling as they greet customers; making sure tables and floors are clean; taking orders accurately; meeting shift goals; and stocking shelves. There are no educational requirements for this job, but you must be the minimum age for working in your particular state. Skills needed are a desire to please, focus, attention to detail, good listening skills, interest in people, ability to stand for long periods. (Source: realresumetemplate.com)


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