Marshall Williams Manning:

Marshall Williams Manning:

Marshall Williams Manning:

Marshall has a twin sister who was born in the same time when Marshall was born. Her name is Mosley Thompson Manning. Marshall was born when his father Peyton was playing for Indianapolis colts. His father was 35 years old when he was born, while his mother Ashley was 31 years old at the time of his birth. Ashley’s pregnancy was kept private and the news of twin children was only revealed a week after their birth. (Source: www.arriels.com)

The four-time NFL MVP, 35, and his wife of 10 years, Ashley, welcomed the baby boy and girl on Thursday, March 31 in Indianapolis, according to The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown paper of Manning’s mom, Olivia Manning. (Source: people.com)

The twins, who are couple’s first children, will also have a very special playmate: Manning’s younger brother, Eli — quarterback for the New York Giants — welcomed a baby girl, Ava Frances, with his wife Abby on March 21. (Source: people.com)

Already a Super Bowl champion with his best years in the NFL ahead of him, Mahomes signed a record-setting extension last season with the Chiefs worth over $500 million. Baltimore defensive coordinator Don Martindale last fall said Mahomes' football IQ was similar Manning and Tom Brady, high praise for a player who is just beginning his career as one of the game's greatest signal callers. (Source: 247sports.com)

He appeared in Isidore Newman High school and attended Tennessee college. He was a former American football quarterback who played almost 18 seasons in the National Football League, mostly with Indianapolis Colts. He layers joined Denver Broncos in his last four seasons as a player. Marshall Williams Manning was born while Peyton was playing for the Indianapolis Colts. (Source: www.arriels.com)

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