Market Research Analyst Resume

Market Research Analyst Resume

Market Research Analyst Resume

A resume is the driving force of any successful job application. It’s an essential tool to use in getting your foot in the door of the right company and enhancing your chance of getting hired. The relevance of a resume is even bigger for a market research analyst.


A Market Research Analyst will study the market conditions, consumer preference and statistical data to examine potential sales of the product or service. The primary duties are listed on the Market Research Analyst Resume as follows –collecting data from consumers, competitors and marketplace; consolidating such information, understanding business objectives and design surveys, compiling and using statistical data using modern and traditional methods; performing valid and reliable market research using SWOT analysis; and using online market research to create databases. The job description also includes providing competitive analysis on competitors’ market offering, price and sales methods.

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The Market Research Analyst is responsible for providing information to companies about what consumers think and feel. They help large and small organizations to determine what products or services customers want, when the want them and what price they are willing to pay. They specialize in gathering this information from the customers through focus groups, panel testing and purchasing behavior. The collection and interpretation of the voluminous data helps to reflect, determine and predict consumers purchasing behaviors, which is invaluable to an organization. Market research falls into two specific categories, quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative market research analysts study the statistical analysis of data from large pools of respondents and use that to derive a numerical average or percentage to estimate opinions and behaviors of the populating. While qualitative market research analysts gather a large amount of data from small groups of people during interviews and focus groups. The information can be abstract but it is more helpful to true consumer behavior on the inner level. Both quantitative and qualitative market research analysts gather and analyze market data through many methods and then take that information and make recommendations to companies for anything from product design to delivery and promotion. These findings could help a company expand their product offerings, open a new retail location, close underperforming locations, or even change the packaging to be more appealing. (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)



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