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Explore a company that modernized the bicycle industry. Founded in 2007, Marin Bikes has been making waves of their own by applying innovative materials, design, and engineering. Marin Bicycles had an extremely low start-up--$2 million--but now they're one of the more successful companies in their industry.

Marin Bikes is located in Petaluma, California, in the heart of the North Bay. In business since 1986, Marin Bikes has a rich history with both a racing pedigree, and a strong racing background in mountain bikes, and transportation bikes. (Source: www.marinbikes.biz)

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But Marin’s products have expanded way beyond mountain biking. It produces some of our favorite city bikes, gravel, adventure, and hybrid bikes, including new city and mountain e-bike options, as well as a growing line of adventure, touring, and “beyond road” bikes like the Gestalt X11. All of these new offerings fit comfortably within the brand’s lengthy heritage of riding on dirt roads and trails. (Source: www.bicycling.com)

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The genesis of Marin is entwined with the early history of mountain biking. The company is named after, and headquartered near, Marin County, California, the beautiful piece of earth that’s home to Mount Tamalpais, where competitive mountain biking was born. In 1986, Bob Buckley founded the Marin bicycle company in response to the growing off-road-cycling interest in Northern California. By 1988, Marin was staking its claim as an industry leader with mass production of its Marin Team Titanium, a revolutionary bike at the time that offered an affordable titanium frame that was widely available.

As is often the case in competitive cycling, the gear professionals use influences what and how regular cyclists ride. This model worked in favor of Marin in 1993 when Jürgen Beneke, a then-unknown German who had only been mountain biking for one year, rode a Marin Titanium FRS to win the inaugural UCI Downhill World Cup. This race-day success secured Marin in the minds of many as a serious contributor to the development of mountain bike technology and culture. (Source: www.bicycling.com)



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